comp broke… I almost cried this week end.

So I go out and get a nice 40 gig drive… nothing too special, but one which I can start to create my Raid Array with… I plug it in, and all of a sudden, no “post”. If you dont know, the “post” is the first thing that comes up on a none mac machine, and it lists off things like the amount of ram you have, what devices are attached to your comp, stuff like that. Well the “post” should appear even if you’ve got nothing attached to your machine. No drives, nothing… as long as the CPU is in it’s socket correctly, it should “post”.

So needless to say, I’m feeling a little like an amputee today. Hopefuly it will be back up and running tomarrow.

ok… My comp is running again, and now I’m XP’ed.

Win XP is very sweet so far. Didn’t even have to set up any of my network connections… in fact, almost every piece of hardware I have was detected and installed with the program itself.


I use Win XP at home myself - I have the Professional version (OpenGL doesn’t work all that great - so no more 3d goodness in Quake — yet :slight_smile:

Not only does it find and install drivers for almost every single piece of hardware … it also have some AMAZING CD writing software built right in to to OS - you pop in a blank CD into your write, drag files/folders on to your CD writer drive - Right click on the Drive and select “write files to CD” … BOOM - quick, but clean, CD writing without having to find that registered version of Roxio or Nero …

Not to mention that it includes every template that I have ever seen for making CD labels and Cases …

Oh yeah … and the Virtual bowling that comes with WinXP plus is AWESOME :slight_smile:

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