Banking anyone?

:lol: so something interesting just happened. One of my current clients says “hey… we just bought a bank this weekend and we want you to do the site.” I think to myself… oh, well that’s nice… but that’s a loooot of work, and of course on top of that is lots of $$$. Now I know, I don’t know anything like server-side coding and limited client-side and I’ll outsource someone reliable for that if need be. And this client knows that I myself don’t have the capability to do the backend coding and all that but yet he’s seemingly confident that I can get the work done… but I on the other hand may not be so confident.

So just outta curiousity how important do you think it is that I don’t know anything of the backend and inner workings of a bank site… or what’s involved? And with that being said should I pass along the project, or try to tackle it anyway? Just a little rank askin for some quick advice on a project that I have to make a quick decision on.