Basics Of Actionscript

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This is my first thread here in kirupa. I have a very simple and basic question to ask. I am a designer, plainly a designer. I have no knowledge of scripting or programming before. How can I make the full use of actionscript? where do I start? I know it is just a matter of starting somewhere, but how can I make a portion of my mind, to work out the logic of all the syntax and lines of codes? How shall it all begin?
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probably best to dive straight in with a tutorial, there’s plenty of them around. This time last week I believed the problem i was faced with was insurmountable. I’m now doing stuff with actionscript 7 days later that I barely even knew was possible. just open your mind and stay really logical, that’s how the language is best described - logical.

Hey magikkal,
I agree with entropy. Just start doing a few tutorials and understand the basics behind it. I first started out learning AS by playing with the tellTarget function. Then I went on to learning how to use if/else statements and then variables (counters, etc.). The biggest help was reading the posts on the AS forums and from Colin Moock’s book, ActionScript: The Definitive Guide.

Once you understand the basics behind ActionScript, you can use the AS reference provided with Flash MX or Flash 5 and add on to your knowledge. After a few weeks, you’ll begin to look at problems logically and try to figure out a way to solve them in Flash.

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Dear Entropy and Kirupa

Thanks a lot man for your answer to the thread. What I need to do now is to actually put all my mind towards it. I did a couple of basic stuff e.g variables and arrays. I am still figuring out on how to use them logically. I will let you guys know, once I’ve reached the I-Know-How-To-Use-Actionscript Level.
I will encouter lots of obstacles along the way.The good thing is I know now where to find them solutions, Thanks for the information guys.

Bless You both


your welcome :slight_smile: