Beginner needs serious help

Frist off, please take the time to read to the bottom of this message.

Im a newbie in Flasm MX and i need help, and i ned it now. Im 18 years old, and i do professional photography. Last week, i talked to some people in Hassleblad, in gothenburg, where i live, and i have a good chance of getting some part time job there only if i have a nice site where i can show my peaces.

The thing is that i dont work i study, and those companies that offer to make a page for one are way expensive.

SO i was looking for a already made flash page to get some ideas. and i came acroff this =

I want to make something similar and i need all the help i can get as soon as i can get it. Frist off, ow do i make the shades of the photograph change as the mouse cursor runs over it. Sencond. how can i make those line follow the cursor and the small lines move. Third, how do i blend the photo from one to another as the cursor moves.

This is all i want to know for now… If im able to do something like this, ill be in the green…Please take the time to answer this…it is urgent and i really seriously need help??

Best regards…

It sounds like you are trying to accomplish quite a bit in a very small amount of time. I don’t think your site needs to be created in Flash in order to be worthy… in fact there are a lot of non-Flash photography sites thare are quite elegant. Try creating a basic site in HTML.

tnx for the reply…and i dont want you to get offended or anything, but i didnt ask for advise on weather i should do a flash or HTML site…

if anyione can help me ok…if not at least tell me names of books i can read to learn how to do this. …more specific ooks…do i need a lot of AS i order to make a site similar to that?

look, if you are a student and you want to learn flash, the best you can do is buy a book, make an effort , and dont ask for premade help, because that way you wont learn anything, i recommend you flash mx actionscripting advanced. i’m learning a lot with it, and if you want to get help, remember this, in the way you ask , is the way you recieve.

como veo que hablas español, talvez no entiendas, lo que te digo es que te consigas un libro y no quieras tener todo a la facil, peladito y en la boca, esfuerzate y conseguiras lo que quieres, y ve que en la forma de pedir esta el dar

:rambo: :rambo: :rambo: :rambo: :rambo: :rambo:

what the hell is that supposed to men, the way i aske the way i revieve…what is wrong with my way of asking…i just wanted to know what i need to know in order to be able to build something similar to that. I didnt ask for anyone to write the code for me or anything. Its just that there are so many things about flash that i dont need o know right now, so i needed some guidance for what to look for.

BUT! it seems that u people are incompetent of answering the question, and u start givin me some kanzas old greek wisdom insted of at leas a near answer to what im asking…

I must admit that you’re right, Lasombra. That ‘You’re too young Anakin and still have much to learn about the Force’ bullshit was unnecessary. But the thing is: you say ‘I don’t know anything about Flash, but I want to do like AlexKurth’, which is an amazing site…

Anyway, when I get home I’ll try and make some flas for you.

pom :asian:

OK, let’s get started.
Questions 1 and 3 are the same, if you ask me.
So 2: The small lines are simple tweens, put in a movie clip so that they loop.
The line following the mouse has this code on it:


The ones that go the other way around have, assuming that your scene is 550 pixels wide:


3: Several ways to do that. All of them are CPU consuming… Anyway, here’s the idea: All images are on top of each other. The thing you have to handle is their _alpha, which depends on the proximity of the mouse. So you’d have to do something like:


And of course the registration point of the images should not be at the same place (see Kir’s tutorial about how to edit the registration point.

The other possibility (nicer and less CPU consuming) would be to make the tween, and then gotoAndPlay to a frame relatively to the position of the mouse.

There. I hope this made sense. Tell me if you need examples.

pom :asian:

well, unlike tohers, u atleast hawe good commoin sence and know what is necessery nad what is not :)…

anyhow, what u wrote makes sense to some extent for me, so if you please, have the time and want, u can give me some of those expamples that u refer to :slight_smile:

tnx a lot…

appriciated :slight_smile:


The file’s too big. Gimme your mail.

pom :asian:

[email protected]

if it doesnt work on that one try

[email protected]

if not on that…just upload them somewhere and ill download them from there :slight_smile:

tnx a lot


i got the flas. Tnx a lot.

Though i was meaning to ask. On the page i took as an example, one big line moves in the center, and the other 2 move on the top and on the bottom. They are not in the same line of movement… hope u know what i mean.

The small lines move ony as long as u move the mouse. After u stop, they sop as well. And on ur fla they move all the time :)…

another thing i was meaning to ask was, in the middle on the site, he has somekind of filter that changes the tone of the pictures. for example, if u move the cursor over the pics, they change in colour and so on, and fuse into other pics. However, in the middle of it all, there is a bluish filter or a line where the colors of the pics change but differently from the changes in the rest of the filed :slight_smile:

any help u may offer appriciated:)

ur awsome to take the time to help me…

Well u obviously seem to know how to work in flash mx well. And i am wondering. What will it take from my part for u to do a flash based site for me.

Ill provide all the texts, materials mm mm everything necessery…


Oh, I’m not the right person to ask… I’m flattered you would want me to do your site, but I’m really not qualified :slight_smile:

But there are somem serious site builders around: you can use the search tool with the names Sinfiniti, Zerohero, David (who else?), Jubba…

pom :asian:

Ok, ■■■■ modesty, how big would your site be? And what would be the deadline?

And for your problems, it’s a simple matter of mask, and I don’t know what you mean with your second question, but I’m sure it’s workable, if such a word exists :slight_smile:

pom :asian:

great that u came around :slight_smile:

its not going to be 2 big. and the deadline is for the 10th of august :)… too short time period maybe?..

If it is, and it is impossible to meet, i can probably extend it a bit… :slight_smile:

anyhow, if u are in for it, tell me and i can send u a more detailed mail with maybe the materials :)…

tnx a lot…



i had no choice but to learn because of people like u. But there are also people that are willing to help. U my friend are not one of them…

and some advise…dnt use capital latters, its annoyng…

Send me a mail: [email protected]

pom :asian:

>>Eberth, I hope you don’t think I’m an @ss because I consider doing this :stuck_out_tongue:

no problem, it’s your time, you can do with it whatever you want
=)do it, and show him the cool work you can do!! :stuck_out_tongue:

tnx to both of u…this was fun…

ill sent the mail somtime tonight!!..

tnx well talk :slight_smile: