Being nice sucks

Okay, so a few weeks ago one of my mom’s friends asked me to do a site for his small alternative healing/massage business…he had about 6 pages on his current site, so i was like no problem, i’ll do it for $150…i didn’t want to break him, he works out of his home…and doesn’t make much money…

Now, we’re looking at like 20 pages, he’s stuck on having it done in flash, with all external text so he can edit it on his own, i have to go take pictures of people getting massages and other things…so i have to spend my last 10 days before i start college slaving away on this site…

If i wasn’t so nice, i’d just tell him to F* off…but i couldn’t do that…whoa is life. whoa is me. :hair:

Woe is you is right. That’s what you get for being nice. hits passing child Next time maybe you’ll be more hesitant to do a cheap deal. I don’t do any work for free except my band’s site, which isn’t important as there’s never anything on it.

If you put yourself in a business like structure you can more easily avoid these situations. You need to sit down and decide on a name, and prices for everything that you could do, seperate prices for each static HTML, Flash, PHP, Photography. Everything that you do, that way when someone asks you to do a site for them you can layout exactly what they can get for each pricing level that you come up with.

Example: With my “company” $190 gets you a complete site design with 3 static info pages and the main page all done in HTML, including some limited photography if necessary. More pages and more features costs more money… you get the idea.

If you can have all this laid out before hand then when people ask you to do things on the cheap you can point them to your prices.