Best Flash MX Book

Hi everyone

Desparate to learn as fast as I can. I have tried a search within the forum for best book, looks like a broken link when I click on results.

What book has helped you the most with Flash?


What side of Flash are you looking for? Math and coding or design?

Some of the best books I have heard of (but haven’t read) are any and all of the Friends of Ed books.

The link worked this time. Must of been me being impatient, I forgot that I just clicked on a download. Silly me.


Hi lostinbeta

Mainly interested in design, but want to be good at code too.

Flash MX Savvy is a good introduction with some very nice features on Sound, comes with a cd, nice examples;
Flash MX Actionscripting better for the scripting side…

those are two of the non-FriendsofED flash books i got (14 in total…i know…but i love reading and being able to dog-ear something for a quick look-up…)…
which means all the rest IS FoED…

Try and find anything by O’Reilly. They’re easily the best coding books I’ve ever read.

Is that good for FriendsofED books?? For O’relly, they r mainly good in programming only…never ever publish a design book…??