Best framerate for online cartoons?

I’m working an online cartoon series, but I’m finding it hard to decide on a frame rate.

One of my books recomends 12fps, but that is going to be really choppy.

I was considering 24fps because that is the same as cinema… and I can animate on 2’s for the less important parts, and 1’s for the fast pased sections of my animation…

But with 25fps, I can isolate the middle frame in a second… 12,1,12 (first, middle, last)… but maybe I will never need to do that.

Also I was considering what the best frame rate would be if I wanted to put my flash animations on a DVD in the future, NTSC is 30fps, and PAL is 25… If I chose one, the other would be compromised…

I do have Flash MX 2004, but I would be compiling for 6 player.

What do you think?

Also, do you know any good forums for flash cartoon animators to discuss stuff? Kirupa users seem more Actionscript focused on average.