Best framerate for online cartoons?

I’m working an online cartoon series, but I’m finding it hard to decide on a frame rate.

One of my books recomends 12fps, but that is going to be really choppy.

I was considering 24fps because that is the same as cinema… and I can animate on 2’s for the less important parts, and 1’s for the fast pased sections of my animation…

But with 25fps, I can isolate the middle frame in a second… 12,1,12 (first, middle, last)… but maybe I will never need to do that.

Also I was considering what the best frame rate would be if I wanted to put my flash animations on a DVD in the future, NTSC is 30fps, and PAL is 25… If I chose one, the other would be compromised…

I do have Flash MX 2004, but I would be compiling for 6 player.

What do you think?

Also, do you know any good forums for flash cartoon animators to discuss stuff? Kirupa users seem more Actionscript focused on average.

Hmm… Well… This is a big testing issue, but before you even start the cartoon you’ll want to find out how long it is going to be…

My suggestion would be to create a simple walking animation… Maybe around 50 frames… And then seeing which frames per second makes it look the smoothest…

I’m sure if you google the above question for finding a forum for cartooning, you’ll find one out there… But off the top of my head I’m not sure of any :smiley:

there have been several tests that show macs and pcs will play at different frame rates. The best way to get similar frame rates on both platforms is to either use
31 instead of 30 and 21 instead of 20. I guess the mac player plays 20 at approx 15. while the pc will play it at 20. I think it has something to do with the flash player being java based, and java having to work a little harder to keep up on a mac. So if you were thinking 25 I would bump it up to 31. just IMHO.