Book recommendations for ActionScript? nt


what’s that “nt” at the end? Is it important to your question?

without knowing what you meant by that, I’d say that THE book to own is “Action Script; the definitive guide” from OReilly press. It is an absolute MUST have for the up and coming Flasher.

Yep, I’d go for the O’Reilly one as well. I’ve read their JavaScript and ASP ones as well, and they’re fantastic, as long as you’ve got some of the basics down already.

My last place of employment bought me “Flash 5 Bible” which was quite good, but didn’t go as heavily into ActionScripting as I needed sometimes.

I actually haven’t bought a book for Flash…come to think about it, I haven’t bought a book for anything I have learned on the computer. Anywho, enough with my rambling. If the O’Reilly book you are talking about are the same O’Reilly that do the Javascript Reference in Dreamweaver MX, then I would have to say go with that. I learned everything in javascript just by reading their descriptions of what the tags do:)

I hear a book call Flash Math Creativity (I think that is what it is called) is good for learning the Math part of Flash, and I know Keith Peters over at just got a book called Fresh Flash and he seems to love it.

Flash Math Creativity is by FOE (Friends of Ed) Any of their books are unbelieveable. Only thing is FMC is really unbelieveable script, and its very advanced stuff, dealing with the math side of flash. O’Reilly is the way to go

Hey Lost, I was considering buying Fresh Flash. What do you think about it? (concerning Keith, if you drop by on the forums, check the actionscript contest, there are some incredible things there. And cast a vote for me :)).

pom :asian:

I think Fresh Flash sounds like a great book, but it is by the people who brought us Flash Math Creativity, and so it might be advanced, but that’s the best part. How you supposed to learn stuff when all books are have tweening:)

Check out this link HERE to check out the book on Barnes & Noble. If you scroll down they have the table of contents of the book. Sounds like they have some interesting stuff in there.