Bull**** paper!

This is such a crap paper that I have to write for Friday! Its got to be 10 pages on a stupid website about a stupid archaeological site! Bah! I have to critique the information and everything about this website http://catal.arch.cam.ac.uk/catal/catal.html

Its supposed to be 10 pages, but I’m only going to write 5 at most, and she’s going to give me an A. She has no choice in the matter…this is simply how its going to be…

Actually it shouldn’t be hard to bs this because its pretty much an opinion paper, and as we all know I am full of opinions. I dunno…I wish I had started this last week like I was planning on doing. :*(

Oh well, wish me luck…I’m off to start my paper…after I browse thru a few more posts and then take a nap til around 3 pm…

Jubs :cowboy:

Its supposed to be 10 pages, but I’m only going to write 5 at most, and she’s going to give me an A. She has no choice in the matter…this is simply how its going to be…

Dam* right. Don’t take no sh*t from anybody. Stupid teachers and there rules. :evil:


Thats right. Your a designer and we don’t take no sht from nobody. It’s all about respect. Some times people get up in my face and I’m all “thats cool, thats cool, you must not know who I am.” Then I educate them…with my fists. Then as I stand over there beaten body I say "thats right, I’m sintax321 Web designer. And don’t you forget it btch." Then I stop playing GTA 3 and I go back to work. HAHAHA :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

What you do in situations like this is think of one or more subjects you do know about (preferrably subjects on which you ALREADY wrote about). Find some some weird correlation and start writing about that. Recycle, reduce, reuse.

Thats a good point. And since this is an Archaeology type paper, and I am an archaeology major then this shouldn’t be hard, its just that its a waste of time. Its not going to be difficult especially because its basically an opinion, its just that I have other more important things to do…like nap, which I didn’t get to do because my friends car broke down and I needed to take her to the SAAB dealership to get it fixed. I HATE SAABs! It was hell walking into that dealership…i thought I was going to cry… SAAB = ugly car. They are called SAABs because people sob when they find out they have to drive them… :frowning:

lol Cheers all…wish me luck on my paper…
Jubs :cowboy:

If you’re an Archeology major, surely you have some old papers you could coughreusecough.

lol, renaissance, i like your thinking. surprisingly, during my first semester of this hellish hole society refers to as “college”, i haven’t had to write a single term paper of any sort. it’s probably since i’m an engineer major and most of my classes are pretty objective (like no english classes, history classes, etc.).

next semester, however’s gonna be a *****.

You know, hearing you guys talk about school / college almost makes me glad I’m at work.


Reminds me of one of C++ classes at University though. The lecturer was very into the concepts of software design and building, as well as what he termed ‘code reuse’ - where companies write sections of code then reuse it in other applications.

His enthusiasm touched us to the very core, so much so that when set the coursework of writing a binary tree program in C++, we asked a mate of ours who took the course the year before and ‘reused’ his program.

Naughty, naughty. But in our defence we were only following the lecturers teachings. And we did change the program a bit. We put our names on the top of it…

Hey Jubba!
I feel your pain. I’ve been up since 3:30 AM taking notes for my Government class. All the things people say about college and your senior year being the best time of your life is a LIE! It’s told so that you don’t drop out of school your final year =)

But, at least I don’t have school tomorrow :stuck_out_tongue:


You guys should be glad you are in school. Work sucks big time. I just spent three hours traveling for a meeting that will take all of 10 minutes. Then I have to travel 3 hours back just so I can work. In the words of Billy Madison “stay in school as long as you can!” College is awsome. You might not think it now, but in 3 years when you are stuck in some office boerd out off your mind you wll wish for the days of hanging out on campus. With all the hot chicks around and all of your firends just having fun. The work is hard but it is all worth it. I wish I could go back to college for just one more year. It really was the best time of my life. And what ever you do never take a full time job with the government. It is like hell on earth.

:*( I miss school:(