Hey POM!

I’m back now! my computer has been completely fixed, so there is no chance of it running off with the stray computers and coming back with little 'puters compooting all over the place. But what i’m even more excited about, is I reinstalled Flash so Flash 5 is fully operational now, so next week I’ll try to get that loadMovie tutorial done. Ok i have a 5 page paper to write about 6 lines of information. wish me luck. Its 3 AM here and its due at 8 am, so I have 5 hours.

Andela, Andela

I gave up. Its now 4:25. I need help with my paper so I have to wait until I can talk to my g/f tomorrow and maybe she can help me. I hate art history…why am i taking this class again? ok…g’nite…sweet dreams…i need a few hours of sleep. But i need a shower first…

Come on Jubby boy ! I know you can do it !

By the way, when is it that you have your birthday ?

pom 0]

My birthday is 10/22/62, thank you. whens yours?


good luck on your paper jubba! I know how it feels to write a lot of pages with no information :frowning:

Two words: quadruple spacing!



Jubbas got two minutes to hand in his paper. Who thinks he overslept? I’ll bet he is still sleeping right now.


yeah i just woke up. My birthday was Sunday, March 17th. St. Patricks Day. Now I need to go talk to my professor to see if he’ll still accept the paper.

well my g/f informed me that the paper isn’t due until tomororw. I don’t know where i got today from but whatever, I still have 3 more pages to write. But I only got 4.5 hours of sleep last night, and i’m used to running on at leats 7. My roommate on the other hand, would sleep 15 hours at a time, if he didn’t have to wake up for class. On the weekends he sleeps until 3 pm. how pathetic is that? and he’s sleeping now too!

Happy birthday anyway…

pom 0]

thanks pom

Happy birthday. I just knew you were still sleeping. I knew it!


Amazing. You could have your own show on television, you know that ??

“Tonight with Double sight Phil”
“The Shining”, starring Phil Jayhan in the role of the little child, and Jubby Boy in the role of Jack Nicholson.

pom 0]

does that mean i get to chase people with an ax? oh wait, I’ve already done that…can I use a chain saw?

An electric hedgeclipper would be slower, gorrier and generally more debase and disgusting don’t you think? A slow and painfull murder is the only kind. Doh! But I think it’s still illegal.


anyone hear of Japan Unit 731? i could do a live dissection…if you haven’t heard about it, find some information on it, its pretty messed up.

i do like the idea of hedgeclippers though phil…its a bit twisted…how about a weed-whacker.?

How bout taking the person and putting them, headfirst, into a wood chipper?
Would that werk?


did you ever see the movie Fargo!? that was hysterical. It would work, but if you put then head first, then it is over too quickly. Tie them up and put them feet first. Much more painful. :lol: