Business and Beds

I’m so with you guys on the 17" PB. Whoowee - that is one sweet hunk of metal! But I’m still working on getting the iPod…

I love OSX - haven’t had a problem with it so far and I’ve been pushing it really hard. OS9 is ok… I actually prefer the much simpler interface. I haven’t tried anything older than that.

As far as Windows goes - any version of Windows is stable while it’s fresh. When you throw other programs in the mix (Photoshop, Flash, just about anything) - it gets crazy on you… especially if the program happens to be a competitor (like Netscape, etc). Yet another facet to the unfair practices of MS…

I use XP Home, and I think it has to be one of the best OSes MS has released. I am not a big fan of the interface so I set the views to Classic and the Start menu to advanced aka Win 98/ME style. Guess I was one of the lucky ones who didn’t have too many problems with XP :slight_smile:

Kirupa :ub:

yeah I use a classic start menu too. I have the most most used applications directly accessible from the first click of the startmenu (theres about 30 there) then the secondary apps in the actual programs menu - probably about 25 there, then the ‘accessories’ menu which has mostly configuration links and drivers settings/utilites etc coming from that. And thats at the bottom so it can be gotten easily from a direct programs menu rollout.


I dont want to have to click more than I have to - thats one thing I didnt like about macs - too much clicking and only a single button mouse :!:

yes i need the two buttons…that is my only complant…

I have trouble when I dont have my 6 lol

lol i have seen 3 over my friends house, for maya. but 6, i dont know if i need copy and paste buttons THAT much, i can easily right click and do it :wink:

omg, no its insane! you never know how much you use it (or can use it) until you ahve that at your finger tips! wheeeew its a shame to have to right click, wait for the menu and select copy, then rightclick again! and select paste. And they are good in games too, copy is jump in ut heh. enter I use all the time too… like copying a url to a im window ZING thank you my 3 extra buttons. They were a blessing in flash 5 code editing too! Mx has a much nicer editor with ctrl movement copying etc, but it did wonders then (still used excessively in mx too).

I guess its just one of those little things you get accustomed to. Its not that big of a deal and you only miss it when you have it and then its taken away.

… but on the subject of maya… I hate working in maya for an extended amount of time then using something else like a web browser then trying to navigate a page like in maya… ZOOM DAMMIT WHY WONT YOU ZOOM!! … :thinks: oh yeah

lol i feel you there…hmm thats cool, i got two mice hooked up to my PC now, but i only use my Wacom mouse cause its better for games, the buttons are like just donno, better, my ms one like just dont always shoot, maybe cause its wireless?

2k takes the cake. It’s NT based. Plus you have the 98 feel with NTFS. Never Ever go back to FAT. Speaking of start menus, I have all of my programs on my quick launch, and then an extra tear for all of my windows. Works really well.

BTW yall know that M$ makes Mac OS right?

I’m still trying to think about why everyone hates Microsoft…

Because they are extremely successful? Of course programs they make should work better on their systems… They know every little thing bout their systems and therefore should know how to make better programs… I never had any problems with the function of my Windows machines with other programs either…

Macro. Flash MX works perfectly
Netscape works fine on mine
Photoshop is a speed demon
3D Studio max works like a charm

It most likely depends more on your system than the actual OS at times and most people don’t see that…

As for the Mac’s… They are allright… But I personally wouldn’t shell out the extra dough for one when I can just build a brand new top-of-the-line PC for around $700-800. Sure they are lovely at graphics, music and movies… But I just can’t afford one… I did have an OS8 one though… And it ran kind-a crappy… Hopefully the X version is alot more stable…


the windows 2000 is entirely based on linux plataform, infact it was developed by Linus himself, that at the time (and is till now) part of the M$ team.
and XP is the same, but newer ~doh.

that´s why they are the best M$ OS ever.