Button critque please

Ok ok i have never done any fancy flash buttons before, and i have never made any fancy normal buttons :huh: so this is my first go, i think the button is right but its just the animation when you hover, it just doesnt seem to glow properly, comments plz :smiley:

[swf=http://www.jmmedia.co.uk/kirupa/button.swf]width=200 height=72[/swf]

[COLOR=Red]Edit: Please note i have made it glow faster[/COLOR]

I think the glow would be more effective if it came in slightly quicker, and pulsated a little.

would be cool if it faded on Roll Out as well. looks real good tho! :thumb:

Ditto. Cool button :thumb:

Yer i was thinking that but i dnt know how to do it :(, any ideas on how to?

Nice button
my suggestions
rollout fade
make the text glow a little… not 2 much
have a onclick effect 2
thats it peace

How do i do roll outs?

speed up the animation and make the text glow too

cool button

Also, is the glow supposed to be so crumbly?

IMHO it would look better smoothly :beam:

yer its meant be crumbley…i didnt really want it smooth…any people gonna reply on how to do a rollout? lol

I really like it! :slight_smile: nice work… Can’t wait till the whole design goes into a site. :slight_smile:

thanks for your comments…but i need to know how to a rollout…

just make a search, u´ll find lots of threads about it :slight_smile:

i have done but i cant find anything thats to with my kind of problem

come to think about it, ive never made a rollout before, but if i was to:
Id have the button exactly as you have it now, with a movie clip on a layer above of the rollout effect you want. o the original button id have the code

on (rollout){

so basically the rollout effect is stopped ona blank keyfrme, and then plays when told to. IM sure there is a better way, but u dont seem to be havin much luck finding it!

It looks ok, but it’s kind of hard to tell without the rest of the page to relay to… It looks kind of big, and there’s too much noise added to the burst effect…