Capturing actions of a url in a frame

I have a frameset site. I am going to put my flash buttons in one frame and maximize the frameset for the flash frame to 100% so this is the only thing that will show.

The problem is that I am right now loading my leftframe into my mainframe. And I only have one url for the leftframe of my framed site. This is confusing so bear with me since I am going to upload my swf in the leftframe. I am going to put my leftframe into the mainframe and target the contents to load itself in the mainframe. The problem is that this is to a search site. I want the person going to this site to make an active search so there are links on the first window that opens the second and third window. But since I would not know what links that the person would actually click on the second window to bring up a 3 window of the search. How would I capture the action of the second window that loads in the frame without using a get(url action if I don’t know the link. Can I use a mouseout action to the the first window and the second. How would I do this?

My website doesn’t have the flash swf in it right now. If you go to the page you will see what I mean when you make a search a new window opens. But I don’t know the url of this new window because it is to a search box that I have in the leftframe that loads this new window based on the users clicking and making a search. And clicking the new window that loads that is my second window and then a third.
So how would I write a get action url for the second and third window without the url. Sometype of mouseout action.

I am also using dreamweaver. I haven’t been given an answer to this question. The search site for the searchbox in my leftframe is to a small search engine site. It is not Google it is not Yahoo. It is searchbadger. I am just trying to make sure that people actually make a search and go through clicking for the buttons to appear so I can get my .08 cents.

My leftframe that I have with the searchbox is at
And like I said this box has the url. I don’t know the urls for the second window that loads in my mainframe.html and the third window that also loads.

I am really trying to capture an onclick of my mainframe.html and unload a flash button. And I don’t know the url of this new My window. This is all I want.

I don’t want you to click and go through a search. I just want you to see my site so you can help me. My site’s leftframe. The only url I have is I don’t want your money. I am speaking clearly. Don’t make an active search. I am only trying to capture a mouseout of the window that loads in my mainframe for the second flash button.

I am speaking clearly.
I just want to unload a flash button to the window that I have no url for that loads in the mainframe. Just the first window that loads in the mainframe for my second button.
My leftframe.