Cats or dogs

I wish I had known that at 18…

I dabbled in Graphic Arts, but back then everything was done by hand, so in design school I had to re-learn most everything except typesetting…

what a pain…sometimes I think it was easier to glue and paste…:elderly:


Glue and paste is definitely fun:)

I think I like Graphic design better than drawing because I am much better at it. I can draw, just not as good as a lot of other people out there. I am a little above basic, but no where near advanced.

You still have to go back and do the regular art though, it is sometimes relaxing and more fun to do if you are in the right mood =)

PS: I think we totally went off topic here :o

was there a topic?

sorry about that, I do that all the time…

my bad:x


I have a habit of straying off subject myself. As you notice, I strayed only because you mentioned you were a chef, and you mentioned that because I mentioned fast food. See all my fault :slight_smile:

I like Dogs because im alergic to cats… =T

That is a completely legit reason:)

<bark src="dogs_own.php" width="100% height="100%></bark>

Actually that would be…

<bark src="dogs_own.php" width="100%" height="100%"></bark>

You left out some quotes:)

Grrrr…ruff ruff! Don’t make my boxer chase you down like the dirty little cat lover you are…lol just playin, my doggies aren’t mean, but cats are! :crazy:

Cat lover? Me? Did you even read this thread? Because if you did you would see you are wrong again :evil:

That’s why I was just kidding, maybe you are the one to exclude some of the conversation! Or maybe its too late for me to care lol. I saw your post count and at first I thought kirupa added a new data feature that showed your birth year, but then after like 10 minutes (5 posts for you) I noticed you were younger by the minute! A true addict in all of his supremacy!

No, you just said you were playin’ that your dogs aren’t mean :evil: :stuck_out_tongue:

Anywho, yeah, I gots me a lot of posts. Flex still beats me in posts per day though. I am catching up to that quickly though.

I get the shakes when I don’t have my kirupaforum within an hour…haha

Ok, I am not going to change the subject again :smirk:

I went to the city yesterday and I wanted to cry. I was walking back to port authority to catch my bus, when I passed a burger king, and not even two blocks later, I passed ANOTHER Burger King…I think that is getting a little out of hand… Two fully functional burger kings not even two blocks apart?!? Oh, well I guess that is just more evidence to my idea that Humanity is becoming increasingly lazy and stupid…I spent my entire day in Central Park with my friend and then I went home…rather uneventful.

Back to the topic: Dogs over cats any day. Just personal preference. Cats aren’t all the bad if they behave the way that Phil’s did, however I have yet to see a cat that acts like that.

Back off the topic: I’m sooo hungry…

off topic: Around here there is spot where there is a Burger King, a Wendys and a McDonalds all in a row on the same block. Now that is sad!

on topic: glad to see I am not the only one who hasn’t seen a cat like Phils, I definitely would love to see one though:)

Don’t worry Lost, one of my ex girlfriends cat was totally psycho… couldn’t get near it, at all! :slight_smile:

On the other hand, my two cats are sooooo cute :stuck_out_tongue:

My girlfriend has 3 cats, all of them like to disappear when I get there, but there is this one that she said is so nice and the first time I went to pet it (she of course told me not to worry and that it wouldn’t do anything), it lunged forward and attacked my hand, it clawed me and like ate my finger. Bringing forth my theory that all cats, no matter how nice, seem to hate me in particular :frowning: And I did do everything my girlfriend told me to do, so it wasn’t like I did something to scare the cat.

I like my sisters cat, but that cat thinks it is a dog, maybe that is why? I think it is the only cat that I have met and it doesn’t attack me :slight_smile:

even though I have a cat, I was raised wth both cats and dogs…

I do have friends whose pets drive me nuts…a cat that one minute is purring and acting nice, then the next second is tearing up your leg for no reason…

Then my brother had a dog that pee’d on your shoes when he jumped up to say hello…

I guess they are kinda like people in that way, sometimes cool, sometimes in desparate need of severe medication…

=) :cyclops: :evil:


most of the time, with dogs, it’s just a matter of dominance. If you let your dog walk all over you he will.

I can hold a piece of steaming hot sausage in front of Poe’s nose, tell him to “Wait”, and he will still very still and not take the food. Sometimes he’ll turn his head away from the food just so that he doesn’t have to look at it while waiting. It’s very cute.
My dog is great because he’s a great dog, and because we are good trainers/owners/parents.

I guess in the end it’s just a matter of taste, but I’ve never understood liking cats over dogs.

I look at it like children…

some are great, some are a pain in the a**.

I agree that it is hard to pick any pet over another. I have a friend who has a pet ferret…That’s one I have never understood…:stuck_out_tongue:

David, Poe looks like a fun and loyal companion…thanks for the pics,


My sister has 2 ferrets, one is evil in every way, and the other one is so nice its unbelievable.

My mom has rats for pets. Try and figure that one out :q: (and yes that is true)