Cats or dogs

well, we had a pet skunk (de-smelled) when I was real young…I thought it was a cat…

For years I didn’t get the Pepe’ le Pew cartoons…:smirk:


My mom used to have a racoon for a pet, and an alligator, a duck, and I had fancy chicken as a pet when I was younger.

My family always picks the weirdest animals as pets.

Oh yeah, and lets not forget the chinchilla :slight_smile:

Off topic: I’d die for a Burger King right now.

On topic: cats any day. I’ve secretely wanted to be a cat for some time now.

Off topic: I’d like a large double Whopper with cheese, and a Sprite, please. And some Mayonnaise. What do you mean you don’t know what mayonnaise is?..

Dogs are way better than cats. You don’t own a cat it owns you. A dog is always happy to see you but a cat could care less.

another narrow point of view heard from:x


Wow, a lot of dog lovers here! I like cats. Cats are quiet, independent, they clean themselves, and aren’t overly loud. Granted there are exceptions to all pets, the cats that I had (had to give them away though :frowning: ) were really awesome.

Kirupa :sleep:

[SIZE=1]and they all are great. They are just like what Phil says
his are…

except they HAVE pissed and sh*t on the carpets. And I
know plenty of animals, no matter what they are, that will do the
same. No matter what, pets are great. Just stick to your own

Personally, I still think dogs are far better pets. And I can’t WAIT
to get one.

sorry phil :stuck_out_tongue:


The way I see it, every animal has a different personality, just like people. A person falls in love with the personality of their pet, not the type of animal it is.

All agreed?