Celtics aquire Gary Payton!

Omg i am a biiiiiiiiiig Boston Celtics fan and i just read this morning that they just got 2 guys from the lakers. Rick Fox whos pretty good and Gary freaking Payton baby. Payton is Nine-time NBA all-Star!!!

Celtics aquire Gary Payton and Rick Fox.

I cant wait till season starts. Im so overjoyed!!!

Great, now GP has to look for new reasons to complain about… I didn’t want to see Fox go, but, that’s the way it works in sports.

:!: lakers lost fisher as well at the point, so who plays point for lakers now?

I think one of the guys that they (Lakers) got in the Gary Payton trade is a guard, I can’t remember his name though. So he’ll be filling that position and they’ll pick another person up in the training camp.

payton might improve the celts, but he’s still aging. he got abused in the finals and it was obvious he’s not the gary payton that was a 9 time all-star. i’m not saying chucky atkins is better though (even though i’m a big chucky atkins fan).

overall though, this is probably a good move for the celts.

I hear ya, I got two words out of Cleveland…Carlos Boozer

soulty they got chucky atkins at point.

BWH2 ya he is aging. but hes still dam good. :slight_smile:

Believe me C1RCA, I felt the same way you’re feeling right now a year ago. I was so dam* excited cause we had “The Glove” on our team… then the season started, sure he played good here and there, but then he started complaining… that’s all I’m gonna say. :wink:

lol ya i know. but hey im a big fan of the celts. but come on they need all the help they can get. hehe but im sure hell help them out. also fox will surly help them out. i dont like fox though. i think supermodels shouldnt play baksetball.

Wow, I’m sure Rick would be flattered if he heard what you were calling him… I don’t know how much he’ll do for the team though, don’t get your hopes up. I’ve been there done that. :frowning:

the real question is this: does payton have any motivation to play hard in boston? i mean, he’s now in a situation where he has a slim to none chance of winning a championship.

rick fox is, was, and will always be a role player (but no supermodel). he’s just too weak and soft to be an impact player. i definitely wouldn’t expect too much from him.

shakes head in disapointment what are they doing to that team?!!. First phil, then shaq and now this. Management is surely screwing things up

Shaq’s gone becuase he wanted to leave. Phil was more than likely going to retire anyway… and I heard somewhere (don’t quote me on this) that the Lakers were making trades in order to get Jason Kidd, again, don’t quote me on this… unless it happens.