Nba Playoffs!

who would you guys want to win the lakers or the pistons. Im from the east and im sick of the lakers winning so i say pistons. Wish the celtics were still in it though… :m:

Sigh - Shaq is probably going to go to the Magic, and it is doubtful that Kobe will stay with the Lakers…jail is also a possibility for him hehe. Phil Jackson will no longer be coaching. Seems like the Lakers will go the way of the Bulls for the foreseeable future.

I now need to find another team to root for :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


yeah, i was wondering if the forums were screwed up or if kirupa’s just waaaaay behind.

and rasheed has resigned w/the pistons. excellent.

shaq has gone to miami heat kirupa.

C’mon k-man, try and keep up :sigh:

And besides, I thought you were a Mavericks fan?

Wow - I just checked the date of the article I was reading, and that was waay off! Wizard - of course, but I like teams that actually have a chance of winning hehe. The Mavericks are good also, but I liked Shaq/Kobe more.

(Note to self: check dates of sports articles :P)

lol. It happens?

I hope so :slight_smile: I like the Mavericks primarily because of Mark Cuban. It’s not really for their basketball skills, but they are pretty good also. They did well last year (the year before this season).

well they traded steve nash.

They didn’t trade him, he signed with another team (free agent). He didn’t sign with a better team so I assume it was for the money.

ok didnt know that, i just knew he wasnt at dallas anymore.

It’s okay, at least you didn’t post month old news hey Kirupa? :huh:
Lol, okay I’ll stop now.

i think it was definitely for money (5 yr/51 mil from dallas, 5 yr/65 mil from phoenix). phoenix offered him outrageous money which, if you ask me, he isn’t worth. but i’m not so sure dallas is better than phoenix anymore. it’s pretty close anyhow. nash, marion, stoudemire, and joe johnson, quentin richardson are all real solid.

while i’m commenting, what was golden state thinking signing derek fisher for 6yr/37 mil? he avg’s only 7.4 ppg and 3 assists pg.

As you might’ve guessed, I am/was a fan of D. Fish and can definitely tell you he did it for the money. It was a smart move in his part because the Lakers weren’t paying him nearly as much. Though his numbers weren’t impressive, I like to think that he could provide a nice offensive presence off the bench. He seemed to hit the 3’s at the right time, at least in previous years.

Well, whatever… he’s no longer a Laker so it doesn’t matter what he does or doesn’t do now.

yeah, i think he’s good. but not 6+mil/yr good. i agree it was a good move on his part.

Steve Nash has gone back to the team that he came into the NBA with, the Pheonix Suns. Last year they weren’t as good as the Mav’s that’s for sure, but with their lineup really taking shape right now - they are going to be a great team. Steve will definatly help. Even though he’s a fellow Canadian and one hell of a bball player, I can’t see why he got so much money. He’s old and only has a few good years left of productivity in him. They are throwing around MAX money way to much this year. There is no way that Kmart is worth the cash he signed for, same with Boozer.

I am interested to see what Vince Carter is going to do. I pray to god he stays here in Toronto because with our new coach and his run and gun style of offence, he would be a perfect fit. I guess we will just wait and see … crosses fingers

i think vince and the raptors would be best off parting ways. everyone gets all excited about his dunks, but i don’t care too much for vince b/c he hasn’t shown a desire to win. the raptors are sort of stuck in neutral with him around.

You see, I disagree. Maybe because I am a huge Vince Carter fan and might be a bit biased, but Ithink he would be very smart to stay in Tdot, at least for one more season. He needs to have another break out year, one where there are no injury’s involved and one where the Raps make the playoffs again. Not only would this give him a huge confidence boost, but it would largely increase is worth around the NBA.

Second, he’s an All-Star, maybe one of the biggest and brightest in the NBA, just look at his all-star votes every year. Toronto can’t get rid of him unless they get another marketable superstar in return - it would really hurt them financially. Toronto is in the top 10 in home attendance every year, wether we win or lose. You don’t want to jeprodize that.

Thrid, if we can get MoPete to sign with us and our new Centre plays even moderatly well we will have a great team. With the new offesive stratagy in place I think this team will really thrive.

Again, just my opinons and observations.

i agree that they would need to get a superstar in return b/c the fans love carter (remember when he played only a handful of games in the 1st half of the season but was still voted to start the all-star game. then he chose to make chumps out of toronto and team management by starting). i just think carter needs to prove himself and i don’t see it happening in toronto.

even if they do get mopete back though, they still have only an average lineup in a conference that’s getting stronger (and has the 2 best teams in the nba, pistons and pacers).