Nba Playoffs!

who would you guys want to win the lakers or the pistons. Im from the east and im sick of the lakers winning so i say pistons. Wish the celtics were still in it though… :m:

Robert Horry was rarely consistent with his shooting, though he was one of my favorite players when he was with the Lakers, we all saw what he did with San Antonio these playoffs. He was a clutch shooter, which was good when they would go in. I liked Glen Rice, he was pretty consistent the year he was in L.A.

George, Medvendenko, Payton… I don’t expect those guys to be consistent, they’ve never really shown any consitency. But I do wish that they would make em’ at least enough to take some of the burden off Shaq, that just hasn’t been happening.

On paper, the Lakers are an offensive powerhouse. But then you watch the games… Payton’s too busy complaining, Malone’s being left open cause he’s not making the shots, it all rests on Shaq and Kobe’s shoulders (mostly Shaq); which used to be more than enough, but they can’t do it anymore. They need other players to wake up and play. :z:

horry was a 42.1% shooter when he was with the lakers. that’s prett consistent.

almost gametime. GO PISTONS.

I don’t know if that percentage is correct, but I’m gonna go with it.

Hmm - not looking good for the Lakers! Hopefully they can reverse their luck in the 4th quarter. I want the series to last a little while longer so I have something interesting to watch between 8-10 PM CST hehe.

excellent. There killing them!!! thank god, hes answered my prayers!!!

It’s over. Congratulations to the Pistons, they deserved it. Well, guess I’ll see you guys here next season? :wink:

At least now I don’t have to listen to Doc Rivers repeat the same thing over and over again.

What am I going to watch now? (I go through this every year) Well, I guess it just means more time for the Kirupa Forums.

I hope Kobe and Shaq remain in the Lakers next year (and Kobe doesn’t go to jail :P), for I have become accustomed to seeing them both in the playoffs immediately after school gets out. They are like the two…male cheerleaders welcoming the beginning of my summer holidays!

Kirupa :ub:

hahahahaha good one kirupa!!

Wizard>ya the lakers played good too. im so happy!!

Well Shaq will be here, he can’t leave (under contract) and he won’t be traded. The only thing would be retirement. And I doubt Kobe will do any time.

hee hee… pistons pull huge upset by punkin shaq & crew. :thumb:

well, the pistons have proven to be the best and hardest working team in the nba. time to celebrate.

congrats to the Pistons. they deserve it, although I’m a laker fan i have to say Pistons kick the shiznit out of LA.

Yes time to party Detroit :party:

The Euro in protugal :slight_smile: Then you have the Tour de France, and eventually the Olympic Games. What more do you need?

Concerning the future of the Lakers, here’s a rough translation of an article found in a reliable French newspaper:

Shaq recently worried that an excellent scorer wanted to leave his beloved franchise. Would Kobe be leaving soon. Maybe, but O’Neal was actually advising his friend Tracy McGrady to rethink his transfer from the Magic, even though they had a crappy year.

The bound between the Laker and the floridian team is well known. And his contract says that he can chose a new club next year… just like TMac, so they could both stay for another year and team up in 2005.

… Bla bla bla Kobe wants to go to the Clippers to please his wife :lol:

Sigh - Shaq is probably going to go to the Magic, and it is doubtful that Kobe will stay with the Lakers…jail is also a possibility for him hehe. Phil Jackson will no longer be coaching. Seems like the Lakers will go the way of the Bulls for the foreseeable future.

I now need to find another team to root for :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


yeah, i was wondering if the forums were screwed up or if kirupa’s just waaaaay behind.

and rasheed has resigned w/the pistons. excellent.

shaq has gone to miami heat kirupa.

C’mon k-man, try and keep up :sigh:

And besides, I thought you were a Mavericks fan?