Character Concept: Scarecrow

Here’s a character I’m working on for a short film. I’m not done with it yet, so I’ll show a mug shot. Tell me what you think :slight_smile:


it rocks, kinda creepy though, but I think he’s too happy

thanks, he’s supposed to be evil. How can I make him look more like he’s smileing evily, instead of happily?

Thanks Again,

He gives an overall creepy smile.

Is this a picture? A render?..

is he comical or frightening in nature? cause I think he’s sorta both, seems like he could be frighening in appearance but comical in action…

edit: i need to refresh pages before I post :stuck_out_tongue: sorry

I’d try to have the stitches straight rather than bent, I think then it’d be totally awesome and very creepy

Thanks, I’ll try that in the next render (the strait stitches).

EthanM- It’s a render done with Maya (defult Scanline Renderer), all polly modeled :slight_smile:


that’s impressive, I was sure it was a photo, I like it even more now :stuck_out_tongue:

Very impressive. I think the smile could be made more evil by makin the eyes more evil. WIth evil eyes, the smile would be percieved as evil too. :scream: Kinda like that, its all about the eyebrows! Also, maybe use the stitching in the buttons on the eyes to make him eviler…maybe to mimic kinda demon/cat eyes or just a small slit.

Perhaps break(break in 3D? that’s a trick ;D) one of the buttons to give him more of an evil stare! As well as changing the stitch orientation that everyone had mentioned. Also, change the font. That one is too overdone and looks cheezy compared to scary.
I still can’t believe thats’s done in 3D, it looks amazing! That’s so sweet! I really should get more into 3D rendering.

FlashFish say it all, there´s no need to change the smile, its perfect the way it is, u just have to change the eyes, make them more close, or add eyebrows, great job as always.

excellent ! very photorealistic !

I hope we’ll be able to see an animation.


Put a fork in me and I’m done like dinner.

Because THAT is amazing.

He needs name though. Scarecrow isn’t original. Something like…Mr. French-Fries-For-Hair…


I thought those were noodles :huh:

We have decided officially they are french fries!

Lol noodles isn’t original either :P.

3d nirvana, I´ll be honest with u, I hate you, I really do, I hate you…it´s not a joke, I hate you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I hate you :stuck_out_tongue:

Berk don’t you wish swift 3D had that type of capability :P? When I use swift 3D I always end up fisting my keyboard when it renders and doesn’t come out how I need it to.

We’d be pros by now IF swift 3d could do that :sure:.


Thnks! I moved the eyes closer togeter and did a little bit of photoshop on the stiches, real quick to see what i’ll look like. And u guys are right! Mr. French frie noodles (:)) does look more evil! Thanks!

Thanks again,

no problem :slight_smile:

//sharif, berkoWitZ- you can download a free copy of Maya; unimited use, full functions… only thing is it watermarks your rendered picture. But it’s prefect to get the full feel of it :slight_smile: