Check out my web site and comment it please!

Hi all,

please check out my web site and make comments and suggestions to improve it.
All comments and suggestions will be welcome.

web site:
e-mail: [email protected]


cool website, whatsup with the blurred image of the guy though? is that supposed to represent something?

It doesn’t represent anything, just a bussinnes image

ok its good but could be really improved (the basic idea is sound just needs to be tweaked maybe??)
firstly your big generic looking arrow markers for the scroller look lazy man make some snazzy custom ones !
and when you mouse over a button the text that flies in on the left is a very Un-businesslike font, you need a cleaner techier font and maybe another color as white grey and red are a bit dull.
I like your pic transitions bt dont like the Primary Blue loading bar

On the whole the site is ok though, just needs improving in some small areas…!

Looks slick squatter, only thing I don’t like is this:

…::JRT Capital Management::…

I would remove the dots, it kinda looks unproffesional for a corporate site, you could use it for the messenger service though (nice touch b.t.w. offering that service instead of just mail!)

Well for one, you definitely need to work on the color scheme. It isn’t too appealing or consistent. You pretty much have all sorts of colors going on and they’re not really complimenting each other either.