Check this for me:

please comment on:
-loading time/smoothness
-any visual/screen size problems
-work in general
-anything else you’d like!

Thanks, this site is fresh off the press and I am trying to get some feedback/get everything worked out.

I know the news link doesn’t work


the contents great, but im not that fond of the background color. green is good, but maybe a different shade perhaps?

anything more specific: not enough contrast with content, not to friendly on the eyes?


hi xmattx

Looks good so far matt, except you have a problem with the negative space.
I would remove the 4 diagonal lines, and push all the elements together to solve the negative space issue.

I like this… I think the colors are nice and original, they don’t hurt the eyes.

The news and info greens don’t seem to work well. I like that pink though… maybe make it that pink? Smooth transitioning. IMO the empty space except you need something that draws your eye to the actual content.

What I don’t care for is your logo, which I think is the weakest part of the site, or that X in the background.

I like the colors and the way the site feels. The simplistic style works for it and puts more emphasis on your work (which is quite awesome I must add). The navigation works well and is easy to navigate.

I have to agree about the logo, it was the first thing I noticed that stood out as looking off. The x definitely throws the space around. I’m not to fond of the way that things are oriented, I don’t like to scroll to see all the content for every piece of work. Maybe pull things together more, you can get rid of some of that space.

thanks for all the critique, it all helps.

The thing with the logo is, its not a logo well it is… but I don’t rock a set logo, I switch it up alot… something to play with. I happen to like that style; in your opinion what could be improved with it?

thanks so much everyone!

what screen sizes are people that are comment running?

not a fan of the style, looks like it could be done in html alone. and i dont like scrolling with my lazy finger.

I like it ! Colors fit well together and nav is ok. I like your work very much, nice style, it reminds me a bit the style of a design agency here in belgium . I just have a little problem with that X in the background. I’m on 1280*1024 and fits perfectly, btw, how do you make that background so it fits with any resolution and it doesn’t repeat ?

the background:a very simple actionscript that tells that particular movie clip to adjust to the size of the users screen width, and in this case a set height.

if you don’t mind, could you give me hints for that coding ?:slight_smile:

I like your approach with the website Matt. There are many sites like yours that display information and content like what you have done. A bonus with yours is that you have intergreated flash, unlike others which are very nice as well keep it static. I dont mind the scrolling because I have seen this style before and scrolling is fine. Im on 1024x768 (IE 6.0 if thats something important). Maybe work on a logo when you have time. Leave the x though, it suits the content since you are doing great illustrations, your approach is good.

About the approach and why i said yours is a bonus. Let me put this example. . Now Chris’ website looks really neat because the color and simplicity is a benefit. But you see how he just lists his works through normal html? Thats what I mean when yours is a bonus.

trendy. fresh. simple. nice.
Colors are great, starting to see alot of designers slap the portfolio right on the index page, and making the page longer instead of wider.
The nike work is very creative, looks good.
The big x’s remind of quark and inDesign picture boxes.

dru and minimalistic, thanks for the kind words. I’ve got some perm. logo ideas in mind and Ill post them if they materialize. Also minimal thanks for that link, some interesting work there.

keep it coming!


Send me an email from my site I’ll help you out :slight_smile:

Thanks man, doing it right now ! :slight_smile:

Why not make a whole bunch of logos and use actionscript to have a random logo each time someone visits the site.

that would be simple enough, and after I read the earlier posts I thought about that. I think I’m content with how it’s set up now using just the pixel font, its clean, its not a “bad” logo and It’s easy to maintain.