I know this is the wrong section so u can kill me later but I need to get an opinion on the beginnings before I get too far into it. This is for my portfolio.


I think it’s a pretty nice effect. One thing I’d think about adding is a loading bar though. Don’t know how long it’d take for it to load on a 56k or 28k. I like the color and effect though.

I moved this to site check where it belongs. As to your new layout, there isn’t much to critique on. The only thing I can comment on is the way your masking effect is now. It seems a bit stiff. I would try to make it more smoother and more fluid like. Maybe have some variations in the way the mask moves down.

it took a while to load on 56k, and i cant really see much of anything except a square, but so far it looks good i guess.

haha I will add a preloader to it for all u 56kers. Man, when you guys gonna move to broadband? I was talking about just the colors and stuff. Thanks for the tips EG!

i have cable, but im on a friends computer :wink:

w00t! 800 posts!

hmm i think it looks good so far. but i would change that font. ick!

Which font?

Congrats Replode!

I agree. You should have a preloader. It took about 1:39 (minutes) to load on my machine, and the fact I couldn’t see the load progress came as a surprise.

I like your texture and the your current header of the file.

One thing I did notice is how your content isn’t centered. I’d personally center it, unless you plan on putting something off to the side.

Best of luck,

lmfao!! OH K, This was just to see if you guys liked purely the way it looked. I totally plan on putting a preloader and centering it and everything. I am by far not done!

I like masking effect, like the shadow, but I find ur header a bit dirty, I dont know that font doesnt do it for me.

repost once done!


Thanks Mass, that means a lot coming from you. What kind of font do you think would look good? I’m trying to make this a professional (w0w i just blanked and couldn’t remember how to spell professional) portfolio site for me to take to corporations along with my resume so they can see what I can do. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

try using a nice solid blocky looking fonts like one of the basic fonts arial, verdana or maybe get a pixel font to make it look more techy

or you can try some other cool looking fonts like futura just play around with the sizing of them and dont make all the text the same size when making a header.

just my 2cents :thumb:

Cool, I’ll look into it. Thanks.

Anybody else wanna make some comments?..

the font that says your name…thats what i was talking about