Check this out!

Hey Folks,
Check this out:

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


Is the site finished…all I got was a green screen with an animation with inertia that folllowed my mouse while killing my processor, it looks cool but loose it, people come to sites for information, clean, and smooth interfaces…the music buttons are hard to see with the background and I was searching for a hidden menu thinking you might have one but I didn’t see anything but I may be wrong! But over all it seems like you have a good start but seriously that animation following the mouse slows everything down!

That animation definitely killed my computer. I am running a 700mhz computer and I couldn’t even move my mouse anymore for it to follow. It drove me nuts, I had to hit ctrl+alt+del and close my IE because the close button wasn’t working.

You have a good design so far, but it’s got some bugs.

Thanks for the input, I was really concerned about all the alpha tweening with that those complex funky shapes.

Pluse the cross dissolves with those pics.

I did test it on my 400mghz pc, it did OK on that, I did build that on 1.8 intel, with 512 ram, so it is kinda fat.

It was worse b4, I had way more stuff going on!

Yah, this site isnt meant to be informaitonal… its more of a linear story.

Ill think about taking some of the crazyness out of it, I wonder if I am really stressing the machine, or the flash interpeter.

On my 400mghz machine, the CPU only climbed to 55% usage the whole time.

Great images!! Everything worked fine for me. I would just tone down the beeping mouse overs just a little…but that’s just me.
Overall, excellent site.