It's alive. ALIVE!

Doubt anyone will remember, but ive posted a few questions on here, so thanks to everyone who helped me with my first flash creation. This is v2 of my first flash site (v1 was scrapped very quickly) so please rate it, comment, rip it to pieces, build a shrine dedicated to it…whatever. The unfinished parts are obvious but hell, rip them to pieces too. Cheers.

I think that all of it is interesting however I do have one tip for you. lose the mouse thing, it’s lagging the whole animation and I have a 1.2 gig processor and it’s still noticable.

Thanx! I wondered if it ran stickily, but ive seen it all so much i wasnt sure! While i’m here, anyone got a good idea of how to set out the FAQ? i dont like how it is at the moment… im thinking the content should be set out similarly too in each section.

Dont lose the mouse thing
But do the following:

  1. Set you movie FPS to 30 or Above because right now its on 20 or something and its lagging your mouse the whole way! So, 30 or above FPS rate.
  2. Extend the intro a bit longer, its too short and unnoticable.
  3. Make the movie a bit smaller, it’s really big amd the bigger it is, the worse, small = good hehe :bandit:
    Yeah, thats all for now
    -Kappa :ninja:

Is it running any smoother? If you didnt see it before, is it running smoothly enough?! Cheers again.

I don’t realy like the font you used on the main menu items and I would also make the site non scalable. It runs really slow on a full screen.

Cheers, i will definately get rid of the cursor next time I update then. Anyone else got any ideas of how to make it less cpu intensive coz im not convinced its entirely down to the cursor… It runs perfecty smooth on my machine though…oh well. Appeal to the masses.

it’s alright - I’m not a big fan of red and green when they are together, I think it tends to look a bit christmassy, but if those are the company colours what can you do?

Didn’t have a problem with the cursor, though just an outline might look crisper.

I did really like the way the buttons moved towards the mouse at different rates, a simple but really effective and professional looking trick & reminded me a bit of in style - nice.

Didn’t there used to be a Quasar in Peckham?

That swayzak site is really annoying, but very clever! I do like it though. I dont know of a quasar in peckham, but it wouldnt suprise me. They shut down a lot and appear a lot for various reasons, so its fairly likely.