Here is my site that i am making games with.

I made this layout. My frined made the logo.

I dident really like the layout as much as i did along time ago.

Thats where you come in try out my layout very quick.

Make a rating from 1 to 10

Witch is bad to good.

Please feel free to practically kill it.

Say it sux i dont care.

I can make tons of them

here it is


I had very bad text with it before and i changed it because it was hard to read.

Yeah now i am gonna be needing a board and some movies.

I have like 4 games in progress working on it 1 by 1.

But any one else with some Comments.

I agree with Phil, it does have potential, but it will need a lot of work.

The major thing that’s wrong with this site is the choice of fonts used. I suggest using another font that is more suitable for body content. You can use a number of fonts for this like verdana, helvetica, arial…etc

One more thing. The site you have made could easly have been made with HTML. You don’t utilize Flash at all with this page. Just because you can make it in Flash doesn’t mean you ultimately should.

Well actually i suck ay making stuff in HTML so i dont do it.

I dont think people will care.

yes i will use diffrent font i am only testing what fonts wil be better.

it looks like it is coming along pretty well. I am not to sure that i like the idea of having the news on the right side of your page. I think that it would fit in better just showing up on the home page.

You should consider adding more animation, some page transitions would be nice to.

i like that virus game, so keep up the good work. Just keep working at it and i am sure that it will look alot better when your finished.

Your virus overload game has potential. The gameplay is good, but you need to work on the graphics and add a scoring system.