Circle Nav Continued

I’ve been working on what I last posted a bit more and you can see how the content comes into it now. Check it out and post critiques/comments. Thanks!

woaw that’s really hawt like sex and jello, gj :p:

:lol: still a tad bit on the wobbly side for me… but I like it. The only thing is i’m not sure what the “i” represents… but I’d suggest that it shouldn’t flip upside down :smiley:

looks good! but lags a bit when u rollover a lot buttons

I like it!

Why don’t you try using the word menu? . Sometimes it works.
It’s very dynamic and colorful.

Neat, but if you click the same menu item after it’s already loaded, it’ll reopen that.

Hey pretty good navigation. Nice and Bouncy :lol: Runs with no lag on my PC, 512mb ram.


Thanks for all the comments guys, you made a couple of good points there.

With respect to the lag, I was thinking about puting a little _quality = "medium" in the script where the menu is moving just to try and smooth things out. I also noticed that there was a LOT of lag when the menu was off to the side and you mouse-overed some of the buttons in the bottom left, but only in firefox :puzzle:.

Simp - forgot you said that! I’ll still think about changing it, but later on. :slight_smile:
Nokrev - it’s fixed now, thanks. :thumb:

Thanks again, guys.

awesome! colors look good man. bouncy too:)

looks really nice… colors and everything with dark bg…

but I dont like bouncy effect or may be it’s just too much sometimes… make it subtle…

Still too much bounce for me too :frowning:

It is still a cool nav tho, I’d perhaps reconsider the “i”, its not my cup of tea, but thats a subjective opinion. I’d think about making it into some kind of preloader bar…circle gets bigger until its full up. Could be the colour you’ve just selected? Might be more fun than just the “loading” info box.