Components won't Load over high bandwith test

I’ve been on other forums before but everyone says you folks are the best. So, greetings and I look forward to working with you.

Now I’ll get to the point.

I’m testing this movie in flash 8. Here’s how it’s set up.
*I have a one frame preloader that works in the first frame.
*I’m exporting my AS2 classes to the second frame.
*I have all my components thrown inside a movieclip on the 11th frame so I don’t have to export them to the first frame.

When I test the movie for high bandwidth, It goes to the frame that it’s supposed to go but the components don’t show up. However, if I test the movie for 56k, everything works fine.

The fla is apparently too big to attach so you can find it

Any Ideas?

PS>Extra points to anyone who can figure out why no events will show up in my netConnection Debugger.