Condominium promoter Flash Site with database

any comments would be appreciated.

its 100% flash 5 and all condominiums status/price and representatives infos are updated using a database.

thanks a lot,

wow, very nice. really clean, and smooth transitions. very good.

i do however not like when you rollover the images on the bottom right and they become bigger… it’d be better if you had them click, instead of rollover… but thats my opinion.

Site is pretty cool in functionality. But the color seems rather drab for the subject matter. That color has been sorely overdone on the net. I think it cheapens the effect. Actually I kno what it is that is getting me is how some of the lines are thick and antialias and how some are thin and alias. The thick lines seem to be different colors also some black and some what seem to be faded black. Not good IMO. I think the structure should all be done in think solid alias black lines. The gradient to seems out of place. Make everything solid colors. my .02

I changed the lines for Solid black color now. Its better !!! thanks a lot, comments are very appreciated. I wish to grab some awards with this site. It tooks me A LOT OF MY TIME to build it…and when I say a lot, I want to say that I’m a ****ing :freak

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I think it’s great.

The colors are perfectly, fine and mix well with the subject. It’s
tight, clean, smooth and professional. All of those things make for
a great flash site IMO.

Great job!


Now that is what I am talking about. That looks so much better. This is the first time I have actually seen someone take constructive criticism and apply it. It looks allot better. Submit it for SOTW