Divorce Sucks

I am going through a very twisted, unique divorce.
The woman was an angel…
Like the type of chick that would leave a movie over a crude scene.
The last time I saw her at home, she was lying on the couch with dinner in the oven.
I had to run down the street to repair a PC.
When I got home, no wife!
The next and last time I saw her, she was in Police custody.
She had shaved her head, and went around town having sex with anyone who wanted her, then robbing them blind…
The Cops found everything from wallets to Military ID’s in her car.
Turns out she is Bipolar. I didn’t know…
This REALLY sucks!! I miss her so much, but logic tells me that I must let her go…


Well, it has been a while.
I woke one morning and felt like I was literally dying.
This, of course led me to the Doc.
If I had not have gone, I **would be dead ** right now.
To deal with my loss, I began picking up extra work, and aquired way more than anybody could handle. (except for Electrongeek :lol: )
I am 25 years old and my blood pressure had exceeded the stroke level!
I was forced to take 3 weeks off my Government job for Medical Leave.
BUT I am back! :wink:
Encouraging words from you all, faith, and love from family saved my life!
No need to elaborate, you all know the story…
BUT I must say that I have an eerie feeling about a certain user in this thread…
:jail: :whistle: :krazy:

I am back in the saddle again my friends.
I thank you all for your words, and the prayers to your God(s)
Special thanks to “Loon” (you know who you are)
Thanks for the e-mail dude!

Keep the thread rolling people. I gotta feeling that this is gonna get yet more interesting.
Oh, yea… Heads up SOTW folks! JM will take that crown soon… :red:
Thanks again Kirupians…
OUT :z:

OUT :z:

very sorry to hear about that. good luck to you and god bless.

Thanks bro. May God bless you as well.

Word up jay-em! Welcome back! I’ll be looking for ya in SOTW!!!


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Very sorry to hear that I usually dont post in the general forum but I felt compelled to give my condolences as I know how bipolar can effect someones life since I myself have it and the most important thing in getting help is wanting to help yourself i know it sounds corny but it is very true.

sorry to hear about your troubles jay-em.

I hope you get over this…and your wife of course.
Whether together or apart hope the both of your lives pick up from here :thumb:

hmmm…this stuff would never happen to Batman :wink:

Only Batman could have made it through this my friend… :hugegrin:


Jay, what she did wasn’t nice at all, but at least you can take this away.

She has great taste in games :wink:

I hope everythings going ok.

Hmmm… Here is the weird part of the thread :sen:

Ya got it figured out yet lun? :z:
Are you speaking of the thread Colin?
Get rid of the thread?
What do you think MSGJM? :eye:

Everything is fine, thanks Colin. :h: :lol:

I remember reading this a while ago, but didn’t respond…I didn’t know what to say, plus you seemed to not be around…I’m glad to see you here, and it sounds like things are on an upswing!!! I hope everything turns out great for ya…and yes, I know you don’t know me, and I don’t know you - except from this thread, but I wish you all the best!


I appreciate that Adam. Thanks man!

So Jay-em, have you talked to your ex lately? It sounds like everyone just assumes she doesn’t want to get better. Do you know this for yourself? A lot of times bi-polar people think there is nothing wrong with them and they can go long periods of time without having serious episodes. But, if the person wants to get help and stays on the treatment plan, they are able to live very successful lives - especially when they have awesome support from people that care about them.

Abandoning your wife may have been the worst thing you could have done to her. Not only did she have to face up to having a mental illness, but her entire life was destroyed and her husband kicked her to the curb. Bi-polar disorder is an illness. It is just very hard for people to understand that the mind can get sick just like the body can get sick. When the mind gets sick, and I mean REALLY sick, it’s like the person is no longer in control. The illness has taken over and all you can do is get that person in the safest situation possible - like a hospital. Compare bi-polar to cancer. When the cancer gets to the point of making the person REALLY sick, its like the person you know is no longer there. All you can see is a sick person in pain. That’s what it’s like with mental illness too. You shouldn’t fault her for her actions when she was manic Jay-em. Sounds like she did some really horrible things that she will probably need therapy for for years to come. There is hope for her and for you as well if you want it. It sounds like you two had a bond that seemed unbreakable and that a train smashed into your relationship and broke it anyway. What do you think about this Jay-em?

An Advocate for the Mentally Ill

Admittedly, I don’t know the situation first-hand and we here on the forums only get what Jay-Em has given us. But I dont’ know that I would use phrases like “abandoning your wife” or “kicked to the curb”. I think he got extremely hurt by his wife’s actions. I think the need to separate himself from her and the situation is completely understandable and completely human. If she is able to overcome her illness and be who he believes her to be for even a few moments then she should first off apologize for her actions, explain herself - even if only to say that she acknowledges her sickness and that was the reason behind her actions, and request help. And if she needs him then to tell him that and ask him to help her through it. Then the ball would be in his court.

Just my thoughts though okay? Please don’t pound me for it! :puzzle:

Well, I see that the thread never fails to spark back up.
Thanks everyone for your support and kind words.
As far as “abandonment”, I am unsure how that assumption was created.
I was abandoned. My wife left me.
I am currently on an uprise for sure.
I have grown mentally and spiritually through this.
I have to say that yes, I love her. I always will.
Unfortunately, I could not contain her.
It was either let her go, or allow her to destroy me.
It was not an easy decision…But a very clear one.
Someone on this thread said it the best… “You have to WANT to get well”. Everything happens for a reason… EVERYTHING.
I pray for her everyday. I have not gathered enough courage to try to contact her yet, but the connection remains unbroken.
Honestly, I may never speak with her again…Only God knows.
From what I hear, all of the other times that she went through “episodes”, she had nothing to lose.
She was living with parents, and never experienced any penalty nor loss for her actions.
This time was a little different… She lost a caring husband, a great job, a wonderful home, and much more.
I truly believe that her suffering this loss will have a positive outcome.
This will make her WANT to be well.
God’s children shall be protected…
When I say God, please understand that this could be your Allah, Jesus, or whatever. God is God… So with that… over-and-out…


again good luck Jay-em…hmm nice Batman Avatar :thumb:

Not trying to go against what you are saying but as A person with bipolar what I loss unfortunatley makes it worse but I do agree that that will make her better in the end so I agree with you there, As for not talking to her ever again I would honestly disagree she cant very well get any better by herself she needs somebody wheather it is family,friends,etc. I know if I didnt get help from them I could be in a whole different world by now. I am not saying you have to get back together but simply saying that she isnt really responsible for it when mood swings occur you have no thought and dont think anything is wrong like I said before you really don’t need to get back together I completley agree with you there but at least help her through it everyone deserves a second chance. Sorry if I said anything offensive just wanted to throw in my 2 cents.