Do you need a college degree to be a good frontend developer?

Is a college degree required for being a good frontend developer?

  • Yes!
  • No!

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This part of my latest newsletter article where I talk a bit about this.


Absolutely not required. I used to handle hiring for one of the top software companies, and we couldn’t care less. The only thing that really matters is that you can demonstrate knowledge and experience in developing software.

That said, an unnamed military branch is the exception. They care more about a degree than experience (and it shows in their work).


Totally agree, but I am sure you already knew my POV on it :grinning:

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I personally think a more interesting question is do you need a framework /bundler to be “considered” a good front end dev?

Ooh. That’s a good one.

If you are working as part of a team with an established tech stack, you need to be a team player. If the codebase uses a framework or bundler, then you will need to be familiar enough to be able to use it.

If you are working on your own, then it comes down to personal preference. How do you balance developer convenience with user experience, knowing that some frameworks are quite bloated and may be overkill for 99% of all projects? I guess it depends on your goals. A good developer won’t get any kudos for using an optimal tech stack if the final product is awful.

That’s interesting :thinking:

It would be awesome if everybody just got on the Web Components band wagon…

Then it would matter about the stack/ team/ project size…

The only issue is how people use them… do you do a slot, a diff, a re-render?.. to attachShadow or not?..

But then again it doesn’t matter… they are just a set of API’s… use whatever feature you want :upside_down_face:

I think Kirupa summarized it well. You can be a good front end dev without a comp-sci degree but you won’t get hired without one. So if you can’t go to school start building and make it on your own.

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I’m a mediocre developer with a mediocre degree, don’t forget about me :sweat_smile:


What about for someone who is still in school and works on side projects? It seems like what is being taught is outdated for what is expected in the comp-sci work space.

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There is frequently a disconnect between what school thinks is important for you to learn and what is expected as part of a real job.

You are doing it right by balancing both! :balance_scale: If you have an option of choosing your classes, you can choose to opt for areas that seem likely to be really big in the future - areas like AI/ML, neuroscience, etc.


Big No! To be a perfect frontend developer you just need a practices, practices, and practices!

I am chemical engineer by education and 3D Artist by profession!

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Absolutely not required, really

No, a college degree is not a requirement to become a good frontend developer. While having a degree in computer science or a related field can certainly be helpful, there are many successful frontend developers who are self-taught or have learned through alternative education paths, such as coding bootcamps, online courses, or mentorship programs.

What is more important than a degree is having the necessary skills and knowledge to be an effective frontend developer. This includes proficiency in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and various frontend frameworks and libraries. Additionally, having experience working on real-world projects and a strong portfolio of work can be more valuable than a degree.

That being said, a college degree can provide a well-rounded education and additional opportunities for networking and learning from experienced professionals. It can also be a requirement for some job positions, particularly in larger companies. However, it is possible to become a successful frontend developer without a degree, as long as you are willing to put in the time and effort to learn and practice your skills.

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I am Civil Engineer by education and Full time web developer by profession! As per my experience skills mattered!

I would like to chime in on this- in my experience, one of the joys of frontend development is that it’s open to anyone able and willing to put in the time, effort, and curiosity to learn the discipline, degree or not.

At first programming job my direct boss had no college degree, but he was a heck of a developer. The beautiful thing about what we do is that our skillset is in-demand, and there is a high regard for that actual skillset.

Personally I do have a degree- in Construction Management. But prior to switching careers, from the outside looking in, it seemed clear to me that fe dev was an area were folks (generally) were not concerned if somebody had a fancy piece of paper or not, just that they can do the work. Which ironically enough is not unlike how the tradespeople in the construction industry are often viewed.

That said, admittedly, having a degree of any sort has likely been a benefit to my job prospects. And I do think there is value in a formal education, of any kind.

I appreciate this thread, hopefully it’s helped some folks thinking about making a move into front end dev feel encouraged that they absolutely can do it


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