Dreamdrive v4

submitting my site for SOTW:

tell mee what u think!!
best of luck for everyone with their submissions!!

my email: [email protected]


dont u think u could comment on this!!! i’ve been waiting to hear from u guys.
why does this happen with me!!

I get a page cannot be displayed error when I go to that URL

I really like that one, v. cool. I was dissapointed at the lack of content in the lab though, I wanted to see more of your work.
Also liked the spiel at the bottom, even though it took a bit of squinting to read. How did you do those things in the menu?

And I still get an error:(

Works for me. It’s quite nice, even though the colours… :frowning: And the main page is a bit too full, with text all around (the bottom text is unreadable on my laptop).

Other than that it is very well structured. Nice work.

pom :asian:

thx for those comments.
strange i have no idea about the 404. here’s the direct link anywayz!!

the text at the bottom wasn’t added with any intentions of making it a highlight actually i have plans of using that space for something useful in the future. and thats why its sooo small in size!!

personaly, i don’t find the main page full its only the buttons on top and the text at the bottom!! and a bit of borders.
by the way on a 800x600 u won’t even see the text at the bottom until u scroll down!!

the menu was quite simple. it was just the jpeg image of smoke with a bit of alpha and maskings!!

the content in the lab will be comin really soon!! i just feel i need to make somethin really unique to put up there!!

Hmm, I have tried both links and even tried copying and pasting them into the browser (since some services don’t allow direct linking).

Oh well:(

strange. nobody ever told this!!!
i have no idea why this is happening!! it works fine for most of the people!!
by the way do u see the splash page atleast???

Ok it decided to work for me today (my computer is stupid sometimes). I pretty much have the same thing to say as Ilyas said. It is very nice and very well structured, but the text at the bottom is unreadable.

I definitely think it is the best out of all your versions so far. Although I was dissapointed to see only 1 other site you did other than your own and only 2 wallpapers in your lab section:( Oh well, I am over it:)

Nice work.

finally u could see it!! thx a lot for cheking!!
well, the text at the bottom is not of any importance, i made it small so that it won’t be a highlight. i might use that space in the future for something else!!

my other versions are not that grreat coz i started playing with flash in july this year and all this time i kept improving on my site!!
the one other site u r talking about is also one of my personal sites. thats the first thing i made in flash. its not at all grreat. i have to find some time to change that!!

and for the lab section i feel i have to make something really unique to put it up there. in the mean time if i come out with a new version,probably a few months from now, i might put this site in the lab.

once again thanx a lot for checking. and still wondering why was the 404 problem only for u!!

Very nice work for only a couple months of Flashing. I didn’t know you only started in July, that explains a lot.

Sometimes my computer likes to be “whack” and it doesn’t want to work right. Well, that and I just got rid of some viruses in it. Either or could be the answer.

one small question!! shall i make a new version and try my luck again over here for sotw???

or do u think that i should stick with this version and make some changes to it!!

if yes!! plzz tell me what was not looking good with it!!


I really like it, but if there’s one thing I’d change, that would be the pictures for the buttons: the pictures you put don’t get along with the rest of the site. I don’t know if it’s the color or anything, but it just doesn’t fit. Well, that’s my opinion.

pom :asian: