Dreamweaver knowledge needed!

Hi there again,

A few threads ago I was conviced that layers are incredibly evil…
So I decided not to use them. (I created the whole site in FW first) I got in Dreamweaver, no I turned a few slices in to backgrounds, so I can type over them, but it turns I can only type from the middle of the slice!? What can i do about this, or is there a better way to have text over an image or such background?

can you post an example screenshot or html file???

Sure… I tried setting the layers as static… but still… look:

And here is the Preview… within the EI browser

See because the text starts in the middle of the slice… it ends up way down…

are you using tables??? if so you can make a bg image for the table and type in the table normally just play with the vert and horiz settings of the table as shown in the attached file :beam:

exactly what I was going to say