Hello old friends <3

I think the last time I was here was in 2010 or so. I missed this place. Nice to see it still kicking. Met some of my closest friends on this forum, who I’m still friends with today. What a trip!

Been frustrated with the big internet lately. Nice to be back on the cosy internet. So… what did I miss?


WOW, DarkMotion :blush: Welcome back.

You’ve been doing some crazy awesome stuff.

That BNN fiasco with CNN was hilarious. I love BNN, congrats on the Golden Kitty. :joy:

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thank you!!! It’s nice to be here. What have you been up to???

Survived the death of Actionscript and just swimming and floating around the ever expanding pool of web technologies. The deep end just keeps getting deeper. :diving_mask: :ocean:

I miss laughing along with your witty comments on the old k-forums. :rofl:

Gamestop and AMC are back! At least on the stock market every couple of days. I’m busier than ever these days juggling these two:





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Hello All…!

Wow Darkmotion back on the Kirupa forums just like old times.

Not sure if this was just a drive by drop in but if you happen to see this, know that your presence has really been missed. I was always a huge fan of your weird and wonderful animations and characters I’ve been following you on and off over the years it’s been cool to see all the stuff you’ve been up too.

Travis!! what a trip. What have you been up to??

Oh man, a lot. Married, kid, yeah life goes fast haha. I’m a full stack developer for an agency working with Ruby, Elixir and a handful of other technologies as needed.
Also have some side projects cooking - ready soonish.

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Meant to say hey earlier! So hey! Think the last I heard from you was the sound-looping iPad app.

Hmm since 2010-ish, I think I tracked down kirupa a few times in person, as well as senocular, templarian, and nokrev. Confirmed that either we’re all in the matrix or none of us are… Gotta track down some canadians, but current travel restrictions being what they are, it might be a while.



I hung with the Kman a number of years back, we ate some pizza, it was awesome. Saw templarian in chicago, and nokrev in sf. Where are you living these days? I’m in Brooklyn

“a number of years back” was 2008, I believe. It was you and Chris Kalani :stuck_out_tongue:

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Holy cow, time really flew.

It did! I still have the hand drawn Yoshi illustration you made :slight_smile:

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I’m in Pittsburgh these days. I remember telling folks on the east coast when I was moving back here: oh, it’ll be super easy to travel and say hi! (Circa November 2019)

I think the only time I ever touched Wordpress had something to do with yaymonday or yayeveryday; I think that was Chris’s project right?

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Yeah, yaymonday & then it turned into yayeveryday!

Is there a kirupa discord or what???

There’s a kirupa forum :eyes:


Are you volunteering it start one?

Interesting :wave:

I learnt so much here :+1: