@#%$ nice site!

My favorite part of the site is in the menu, press “our process” \rI love that menu, its pretty cool. I have been able to duplicate just about everything but the speed variable and the mouseover effects when you touch one of the spinners. It’s pretty cool though, well done and werth a look. Also make sure you check out their clients page, that shows all of the sites they have built. They are pretty talented. Whaddya think? :0\r\rpj

A friend of mine told me about this site a while back and said they were voted as the #1 flash site on the web. I love it - I can’t wait until I’m that advanced

Me neither. The orange is a wee bit hard on the eyes but can’t complain with that cool of a site that is not, like 999k every click, not mentioning any names but their initials are :wink: They are very good. Did you poke around in their menu and check some of the sites they have built? Awesome. \r\rpj

very interesting :slight_smile: