Enigma, for your brains to exercise

That one killed me. Here’s the deal : I have 2 glasses in front of me : one’s full of water, the other’s full of wine. Now I have a spoon, and with it I take a spoonful of water that I put in the wine. I mix it so that it becomes homogenous. Then I take one spoonful of the blend, and put it in the water, and then mix it.

The question is : ** is there more wine in the water or more water in the wine ?**

Think about it very carefully, that’s not something that can be done in just one second. And try to be logic, you can do it with math, but that’s not fun.

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The winner will get a .fla from Eyezberg :slight_smile:

There is more wine in the water. I know Im right. you didn’t say I had to explain. Now gimme my movie, maudit!


OK, ** you have to explain a little bit**…
Maudit Yourself !! And I said Eyez will give you the movie, not me… mwahhaaaa mhaahhaaa !!

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Well, maudit, lets assume each glass is equal. 100 parts each. Lets assume each spoonfull is equal to 1/100 of the volume.

So you have; 100 Parts Water 100 Parts Wine

Take a spoonfull, or 1/100 of the water and put it into the Wine. The two total thus become;

                  99 Parts Water   101 Parts total
                                           wine 100  water 1/100 parts total 101%

Now take a spoonful back would be to take 1/101 part and placing it into the water which is 99 parts. Because of the dilution ratio and it changing is thus the reason for there being more wine in the water. Now gimme my movie ****it!

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Nice to see ilyas is giving away MY flas so open-heartedly ! :slight_smile:
Haven’t go already got what you wanted, Phil?

It didn’t work Eyez. So dissappointing. Something was missing and everything seemed corrupted. Sucks.


And, sorry Fil but your answer is wrong… And your calculation too, by the way. Actually, you made th exact same mistake as I did. mwahhaaaa!!!

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now wheres my movie??

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Where’s my good answer ? :smiley:
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Oh my aching brain:

Start with 100 parts water, 100 parts wine.

Add 10 parts water to the 100 parts wine for a total of 110 parts. Mix thoroughly (theoretically).

Now when I take 10 parts of the new mixture, I’m not taking 10% of the 110 parts…just simply 10 parts (or 9.0909…%, for my sake, I’ll say an even 9). I think this is where I kept messing up the most.

So, in our new mixture, for every 10 parts (remember, there are 11 of them), there should be about 9 parts wine and 1 part water (multiplied by 11 gives us 110 parts).

However, I am now removing 10 parts, leaving this final mixture at 100 parts comprised of 90 parts wine and 10 parts water (or 90/10 = wine/water)

So I take these 10 parts and add them back to the water mixture which makes our second mixture 100 parts again comprised of 91 parts water and 9 parts wine (or 91/9 = water/wine).

So our final answer is there is more wine in the water by one little part.

Edit: Actually, there is also more water in the wine.

I guess the real answer is:


And now I am in brain pain.



What if Jesus did this experiment? :slight_smile:


What if you don’t turn 9.09 % into 9 % ?? you’re on the right track, and you’ll see that if Jesus had done the experiment, he would have gotten the exact same thing as you would !!

But you did it. You deserve a fla, even though your answer is wrong. You can find it <a href=http://www.kirupa.com/opensource/index.asp>here</a>.

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You suck Phrenchie. Your as cold as ice. All that for that. Why I oughtta…
WC Fields was right. A sucker born every minute.


Come on Pharm boy, the answer isn’t correct. I can’t give him Eyez fla just like that, can I ? Well, I suppose I could…

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