Enigma 2, for your brain to exercize more

OK, so the answer to the other one was : there’s the same quantity of wine in the water than water in the wine. t2d would have found out if he hadn’t rounded the numbers. Congrats to him !

Here’s the next one : I’m in the jungle, all alone, with my backpack, and my lighter. Everything’s cool, when suddenly a huge snake comes down a tree. I knock it out easily, but I somehow scratch my arm against its big tooth with poison in it.

Fortunately, I have an antipoison, but the bad trip is that I have to cook it for 45 minutes exactly, and I don’t have a watch. What I have instead is a well functionning brain, and creepers, that all burn in one full hour, but not steadily. This means that if I cut one in half, each half won’t burn in 30 minutes. That would be too easy…

How can you do that ??

pom 0]

There are 2700 seconds in 45 minutes. Count. One, one thousand. Two, one thousand. Just don’t lose count. And what kind of crappy anti-venom is that anyways? You have to cook it for 45 minutes? Ridiculous. Sounds like a French brand of anti-venom to me. American anti-venom is always ready to go. Like McDonalds french fries. ar ar


This is obviosuly a French riddle, because what normal person would be in the jungle; 1) without a watch and 2) carrying a backpack that had nothing at all useful in it.

Ok, so while fighting against the snake, your watch got eaten, and this brand of anti venom is French fo the only reason that the American anti-venom was too darn expensive fro you to buy it.

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id rather pay more and not have to worry about baking the dam thing for 45 minutes, cuz while your cookin the anti-venom you’ll probly get eaten by a cougar or something.

Ya, what Jubba said about the cougar. 45 minutes is a long time. I would assume you would be there moaning and groaning as well so as to attract all the wild animals. And Jubba right about the watch too. Who goes camping without a watch? What is this guy from the French Foreign Legion or something?
And can one really trust an anti-venom that has to be cooked for 45 minutes? Do we need a pot to boil it in? A fire? Matches, lighter? Did the Bic lighter survive the giant snake attack? And are you sure the snake is dead? He might be merely unconscious. Is there anyways for you to get any of the more trustworthy, though more expensive, American made snake anti-venom? Lemme know.


I know the answer to the riddle. There is no answer. You are left to die in agony as the venom reaches your brain. Psycosis sets in as you run around the jungle yelling and screaming, attracting the wild beasts. And just as the venom slows you down to the point where you are conscious, but unable to move, that is when the cougar catches up to you, and begins to eat you; while are you sitting there watching it.

What can I say to this ??? ‘SABOTAGE !!!’ maybe ?

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Sabatage? Thats is an old swede word from the root Sabot. Which is the name of the clogs, the shoes they wore. Sabot’s. Apparently, when they would revolt they would throw a shoe into the machinery and it would cause a work shortage…The authorities called it a crime of ‘Sabotage,’ from the name of their shoes, Sabots. So why did I write all that again…O yea. Sabotage? Are you crazy? Do you think me and Jubba would do that? No way. Not in a million years. Unhunh.
What was the purpose for this string again anyways Pom? :rollin:

the sabot

I’ve been thinking about this, and i can’t figure out a way. Once someone has the answer, I have another riddle for everyone.

OK, since noone seems to find that one (or more probably pay attention to it), here’s a hint : you can burn your creeper by both ends…

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but how does that helps since the creepers don’t burn steadily? and wth is a creeper?!

lol :smiley: I found the word in my dictionnary. I thought it was those long plants Tarzan uses to travel.

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If you burn it fro both ends, it will burn twice as fast, no matter how steady it goes…

i see. but still don’t get it. I’ll have to think about it, and i’ll probly kick myself for not knowing it.

I give up. Uncle.


OK, here’s the solution (that’s because I want to hear Jubby’s) :

If you burn the rope’s (let’s call it that) two ends, it will burn in 30 minutes, all right ? Just think about it for a minute and you’ll find it’s clear.

Now we want 45 minutes. So we burn one rope’s two ends, and another rope on one end. After half an hour, the first rope will be totally burned, and the second will have 30 minutes left in it. At this moment, burn the other end of the rope, it will consume in 15 minutes.

Hence 45 minutes. Voilà.

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Phil, I can’t find my text… I eventually will, but not right now. Really sorry about that…

ok yeah, but if the thing doesn’t burn steadily then i don’t see how that can be possible. I understand, but if they don’t burn steadily then…ohhhhhh…i see. But it still doesnt make sense.

Fine heres my riddle::

You are in a solid concrete room. Just 4 walls, a ceiling, and a floor, no windows or doors. In the room with you are a desk and a mirror. How do you get out?

Going back to my riddle : imagine you burn one end of the rope. No matter how steadily it burns, it burns out in 1 hour. So when 30 minutes have passed, you still have 30 minutes to go (no connexion with the size of the rope).

Now if you burn the other end of the rope as well, after 30 minutes, the 30 minutes you had left have gone up in smoke because you lit the other end… Still foggy ?

Your riddle : no door, of course…

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Through the door silly! Got anything better? :rollin:


i fixed it phil. there is no door. i forgot to mention that. and Pom i understand now.