Experimental design site (dsdesign.be)

Could you please comment my site, I worked like an enternity on it. It think its very unique, i just want to hear some opionions, thx alot!



Your hard work and dedication shines through. Very unique interface and clever integration of flash and HTML. This is the only time I have ever seen 3d used well with flash in my 5 years of constant web surfing.

My only qualms with it is the intro… I think it’s a little too large and not entirely necessary. But it’s not that big a deal… besides, you do have a regular HTML link to enter the site if I didn’t want to wait for it to load - excellent!

Overall, I think it’s little things here and there that really makes your site great: the random link on the side, the little electric charges… it breathes life. I hope you don’t mind if I link you.

Wow - I smell a SOTW award!

Hey dsdesign.be,
It’s not difficult for one to see all the hard work and attention to details you placed on the site. So anyway…Congratulations! You are this week’s Site of the Week.

Here are the links for the graphics if you need them:


Kirupa :o

OMG! Great, that very cool! i’m really happy with the award.
RenaissanceGirl, also thanks for the nice feedback, I added your link to my site to, its in the linkvault-bannervault section.

I really like the line you have in your intro about logic taking you from A to B and imagination everywhere, nice touch. It shows the value of creativity as supposed to learned skill.


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