Exporting from AE into Flash (FILES SIZES ARE HUGE!, HELP)

OK, i made a AE header for a website i am doing and when i made it into a SWF it was huge! LIke 8MB for like 20 seconds of nothing fancy. I realized that when i uncheck the rasterize unsported features (i think thats what its called) in the dialog box for exporting SWF the file size gets smaller but all my effects are lost. Does anyone know how i can keep my graphics and lower my load time. I mean its pretty ridiculous, i spent the past 2 days doing this project in AE and i might have to scrap it for load time! HELP



you really dont like searching do you… lol

are you importing a video to flash from ae (as in .mov ) or are you using that export to swf within ae?

use flv format. Also you can try sorenson squeeze. There are a bunch of ways. Reduce frames, reduce size…blah blah…but also search

sorenson squeese? Search, whats that? Lol, I just wanted to talk to Soulty and DDD, thats why i didnt search lol. Thanks for the advice. Mike

I cant find flv on the export menu in AE, can u tell me where it is.

on your mx2004 cd there is a plugin installer for fla video exporter. install that and you can export video from ae to that format.

Sorensen squeeze? WTH? !!!
Its sorenson SPARK… not squeeze, DDD.

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research before you correct someone :lol: hehe…

This is a great tool for encoding videos:

Discreet Cleaner XL

Also, read this for further assistance on Flash video encoding:

If you use Sorenson Spark, check this out:

nice links mentalgeek, thanks :thumb:

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