Fade in images- can't

I have created an easy fade-in/fade-out movie in Swish 2.0 (viewable at http://www.nss.net/cgp/default.asp) , where each of the 6 layers seque with a fade -in/fade-out.
In Flash MX, I adjust the stage size to 125x125, I try creating the layer first, give it a name, then import an image into the library for that layer. I then make it into a symbol.
Then I create 3 keyframes about 20 frames apart. I click on the first keyframe, right click the image/symbol , choose “select all”, then in the Properties Panel, the Color mode selector (choose ‘alpha’ for color since it will be white/blank at first), and motion tween selector (choose ‘tweening’) show up . After making my choices, go to the second keyframe, choose Color = None, and Motion Tween again. On the third keyframe , I repeat the first step, making the image/symbol image blank again with color=‘alpha’.

When trying to do this with the second layer I create, it’s impossible. I cannot position the second layer/with second symbol to start at frame #40 for the movie, when I do a ‘Select All’ on the symbol, the Bitmap/Swap inputs show up in the Properties panel, NOT the color mode and motion tweening inputs. What am I missing, and why is Swish soooo much easier to do this than FlashMX?


I would really like to help but I guess I don’t fully understand what you have written.
Could you explain it better or supply the .FLA