Fading Grid in PS7

This might be a stupid question, but im still pretty new. How can i make a grid in Photoshop that smoothly fades to transparent, something like the top picture here http://www.phong.com/tutorials/grid/

Any help is much appreciated, thanks

Well they teach you how to make the grid in the tutorial, so do that:)

Then the next step would be to use the marquee tool and select the part you want to fade out, then go to Select/Feather (I believe that is it) the select the amount. Then hit delete the selection. This will cause some fading.

I hope this helps, this is a very basic form, but it works:)

Awesome, it worked great…god this forum is great. w00t :slight_smile:

Glad I could help=)

Actually lost, that’s not a basic form, i do it all the time!! :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s the easiest way really. The gradient tool sometimes gives you weird colors when fading to tranparent…

Nice one lost! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks :slight_smile: I while back I wrote an Action that produced the effect because I used to use the fade out effect a lot, but my Photoshop got screwed up somehow and I had to remove it. So I don’t have that Action anymore:(

Maybe I should remake it, I don’t know, I don’t use the effect as much anymore. I think I could just do it by hand.

I don’t use actions… I’d rather have the procedures in my head.

Although I LOVE styles…

I don’t use Actions unless I write them myself. Sometimes I don’t feel like doing effects over and over so I write the action and use that.

Styles are great and you can come up with some really nice effects with them… like in my phio miral wallpaper right eilsoe:)

Yep!! :stuck_out_tongue:

About that, I wanted to place something on the left side… just dunno what, and i changed yer bubbles to an aqua style instead, with a “big” color dodged glow…

looks weird…

Weird is cool in my book =)

yeah, check my post “What grids can look like” in the “Drawing and design” threads…

THAT looks weird… notice how the grid pattern fits perfectly with a mosaic render…! :slight_smile:

I replied to that thread :slight_smile:

did ya…?

Hmm, must check it then…

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