Favorite Horror Movies or TV Shows 🍿!

Horror films also gave me a lot of anxiety. To get over that dread is one of the reasons I watch so many of them.

Did you watch The Black Phone?
I guess its not eXaCtLy a horror movie, not sure what youd call it but I loved it. Part of that might be that the opening scenes hit me hard, so close to my life, it felt so real.
Theres many problems with the plot if you pay attention, but I just really enjoyed it. It was something different and character based which is lacking these days.

Demons is my all time fav. Its crap, but when I watched it I was young and I efn loved it. And part 2 is just funny to me. The little Benji dog demon was hilarious. Talking of funny theres the old Blood Diner. Horrible movie, I loved it.

Brain Dead. Oh my G does it start off boring, but then the gore and the humor! “I kick arse for the lord!”. Apparently it starts boring deliberately to get you in a state so the horror hits more, but I think Peter Jackson might have gone a little far with that.

Most of mine are old :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I haven’t watched Black Phone yet. I heard it is quite good, so let me see if I can watch that soon :slight_smile:

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i don’t like horror movies, I like just comedians and action movies because horror movies are not good for my heart comedians :joy:

Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

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I’m not a fan of horror movies but there are times that I watch paranormal documentaries which is more real. Well, there’s a reason why I’m not watching it because I can sense them especially when I’m watching. Seems like they were drawn by your fear when you’re watching

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hands down the best horror movie of all time

watch it now, thank me later :sunglasses:

wait…you’re updating the list, right? either that or you were from the future in 2014 xD

I really recommend The Quiet Place!! It is so good! Part 2 is also not bad! Also, The Mist!

Yes! The list is being updated continuously. Quiet Place, Part II is really good indeed!

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Also, have you seen the Dark and the Wicked? It’s by SHUDDER and it is so good. Atmosphere is 10/10 and I loved the plot. It’s really intense, also tw for animal death (not very graphic)