Finally back in action!

Good evening everyone!

I doubt any of you actually remember me, but I registered here almost two months ago now with my mind set on learning digital design.
Well, I only got to post my first creation (which was a wallpaper, see the old thread here: before tons of stuff came up in my life which left me no time at all to spend on art.:frowning:
But I’m glad to say today that it’s all been sorted out and I can finally start learning digital design again.
I only study halftime now this last year so I still got plenty of spare time.
Before I left I only had about a week or so worth of experience with photoshop and was trying to learn CSS and flash on the side at the same time.
Now I’ve decided to just focus on photoshop for a while as I enjoy that the most and I’m attending a webdesign class in school (it sucks but it gives me more time to practice, they now got all the neccessary programs aswell) soon so I figured I might aswell wait with flash and CSS until then.

Anyway, this post ended up in this section for a reason, so here we go.
During two days now I’ve tried my hands on coloring, photo manipulation and done two easy fixes for a personal wallpaper I wanted to use.
I’ve uploaded them on myphotoalbum (which by the way turned out to be a really cool free host) until I can buy myself a real host, which should be really soon.
Tight with my economy now though as I’m going to Taste of Chaos in Germany in November! :hugegrin:

Pretty easy navigated, just click the picture to enter the gallery and then have a look around.
Click once on any picture to get a bigger scale aswell as a description of the image, you can click once more to get original size aswell!

Oh, also feel free to post any suggestions regarding my current WW2 project.
The only thought I have in my head currently is to add light, which would function as airforce explosions, among the clouds, but I have no idea of how to achieve this effect.

Thanks for reading and having a look and a big thanks for being a part of this community, it’s a really cool place to be at!

EDIT: New piece!