Flash + FrontPage 2002

I’ve noticed that Kirupa actually wront a book on FP! Congratulations on the publication. Is it an advanced text?

I currently design sites entirely with Flash and upload them to my web host with FrontPage 2000. My sites do not rely heavily on storing and retreiving database information. I’m fairly-well versed with FrontPage and was wondering if there was any advantage to buying the upgrade to 2002. In other words, are there any features in FP 2002 that are really desirable and cannot be duplicated, or else duplicated only with tremendous effort in Flash?

Hey marigold,
My book is aimed entirely at beginners. If you like the tutorials I wrote for Flash on my site, the book is similar except it features tutorials for FrontPage.

FrontPage 2002 includes some nifty features that are better than FrontPage 2000. I’m using 2002 for all my site updating needs now. The HTML that FrontPage 2002 outputs is better, the interface is amazing, and a few more features such as inline frames, improved frames tools, better Web components, etc.

If you are using Flash for all of your Web publishing, there really is no difference from FrontPage 2000 and FrontPage 2002. FrontPage 2002 does include some really nifty features that might make managing your site easier!