vBulletin instead of EzBoard

Hi everyone,
I’m considering switching from eZboard to something better such as vBulletin. I have a question, does anyone know of any site that offers, decent hosting with mySQL support? I’m planning on getting a different domain name and server just for the forums. I am fairly certain my current hosts do not support mySQL or PHP for vBulletin.

PS: If I run into snafus during the setup of it, does anyone here have some knowledge of getting forums up and running? :slight_smile:

Again, I am only considering this…getting a separate server and a yearly copy of vBulletin ends of being cheaper than paying 100s for EzBoard every six months.


Kirup, please send me an email (ASAP)

[email protected]


ipowerweb does those things. PHP & MySQL databases. 150 megs of space, 15 gigs of bandwidth, 50 emails, free shopping cart, free chat rooms, java & simple chat. And much much more-

If you want to take a look inside a live control panel let me know and your welcome to poke around inside my control panel and server to check it out. email me @ [email protected] and I will send you my passwerds and log in. If you decide to go ipowerweb, I will show you how where to sign up for their affiliate program and it will save you 40 bucks. It’s 7.95 a month w/o discounts. Free set up and transfer of domain name.With discounts it is like less than 5 bucks a month, a far cry from XO. Or if money is not important, buy it off my site! :lol: BTW, I thought their poo didn’t stink bud! XO that is. Your telling me that for 50 bucks a month you don’t get those things? Is I have to say is; Hmmmmmmmmm, and again; Hmmmmmmmmmm

Also, would you be willing to help set a few controls inside ez? I have spent inordinate amounts of time trying to figure out a few simple things like how to make the boards similar in action and controls to these. And at this point I am nearing pure frustration. If you would be willing to help I would be grateful, if not I know everyones busy and stuff, so let me know.


Thanks for the info Phill… at that price, (and in lew of the fact that my host can’t GET MY [email protected]#%ING ACCOUNT WORKING) I may end up going over there. I’ll be in touch.

As for you Kirupa… do what you need to. I’ll follow where ever you set up the site. :slight_smile:

If your going to sign for the service, get ads from cj.com for ipowerweb. Place them correctly on your site and then make your purchase from there. And if thats too much werk then please get it off my site, would be cool. :smiley: No reason in going to ipowerweb when theres a middle man like me around. Doh! That capitalist me is bubbling up to the top again. :evil:


Hey all,
Yeah, the vBulletin route seems to be the better choice. I have found a great host that provides space just for vBulletin and offers it pre-configured (kinda like eZboard). So, in about a week, I will have all the details finalized.