HEY KIRUPA. Got a question for ya?

How hard was it to set up this board with vb board? Did you need to know any PHP or MySQL to do it. I need to set one up for work but I don’t know any thing about the PHP or MySQL. Is it just an upload to there server and then use some set templates for changes or what. Could someone with no PHP or MySQL training maintain one of these boards?

If not does anyboady know or recommend a differnt program? :slight_smile:

Hey sintax,
Yeah, you need no prior PHP or mySQL experience to get it to work. You simply view a PHP file that acts an installer, and you basically fill in stuff such like an online form. Of course, I did get the initial uploading of the files done by my host. They were really nice is getting the stuff in the right files.

Once you have your board setup, you have access to the admin panel - from there you can update and add things to the forums. The only complicated part is modifying the templates to get your board looking the way you want. I had to use a lot of copy, paste, and FrontPage/Notepad to get all the tags modified and added.

Kirupa :rambo:

Thanks for the info.:slight_smile:

I think you have to pay for Vbulletin. Go to www.phpbb.com and download theirs for free. They have massive support and the entire messageboard is customizable if you have a little bit of patience. I used Phpbb for my forums here:


I’m still in the process of customizing them, kind of hard to get work done when I have school work to contend with. You should take a look at them before you drop money on anything…

Oh, and you don’t need any PHP or mySQL knowledge. Just need to know how to edit HMTL code…i think you can handle that.

Just wait Kirupa! My boards will be better than yours! Ahahahahahahaah!! lol, just kidding. I will never get traffic to my boards, but I told the owner I would give him a message board, so he has one.

Thanks Jubba I’ll check that out. I hope I can get something set up. My supervisor has been breathing down my neck to get this set up.:evil:

hey Jubba does this program come with a built in database or do I have to make it?

I’m a little confused about this instalation. How do u set this up again. Database is the big problem:-\

This is the e-mail that I got from my host

Response (Anthony L.) - 11/07/2002 09:54 AM
To create the Database, you would go to your cpanel

  1. Log into the cpanel
  2. Click the icon for MySQL
  3. Create a user (make it short best result)
  4. Create a DB (make it short best result)
  5. Most important, Click Add User to DB button (authentication will not work if you
    do not click this button)

After doing all these steps, you can create DB either phpmyadmin or use an online php script or perl script. Some examples of free softwares that incorporate this into their setup utility is ikonboard forum, phpBB2 forum.

Your username format will be: webusername_dbusername
Your DB format will be: webusername_dbname
Your hostaddress will be: localhost

The connection string can be either of any examples below:

For example, we will use the following Variables:

Hostname: localhost
DBName: johndoe_DB1
DBUser: Johndoe_admin
DBPassword: password

than you just fill everything out in the install.php…

I think i can make something work. I guess we will see:-\

sintax i would love to see it when you are done!

Actual nobdy will be able too. It is for the Government and is for internal use only. If I let peole see it I could get fired.Sorry:(

thats cool. didn’t know you work for the government…do you have to kill us now? :ninja:

Were you able to figure out how to work it? If you need help modifying things let me know. I’m still trying to figure out where everything is…

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If everyone that has a database and php enabled on their server hosted a forum, then the whole entire web world will be going down the toilet…first phpnuke and now phpbb, when will it all end! :stuck_out_tongue:

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I had to re-design a web site this weekend. I really wanted to ut never got the chance. Mabye Eilsoe will take mercy on me an d make one. I’ll have something some hopfuly by friday.

PS. Hey at least I don’t have Revs Pic. That lady scares me:o

That phpbb program thing is cool. Maybe when I redesign SomeoneLeet in the future I will include one. Is it pretty easy to change the colors around and such?