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**I changed the file so that it would not open a pop-up window. The new ZIP file is attached below. And also on the second page. **

Well, I was planning on making a tutorial for this, but I haven’t had the time with work and my family and social life. So I’m just going to give everyone the necessary files. They are all zipped up in the attachment at the bottom of this post.


  1. Make sure your host supports PHP.

  2. Upload all the files to the same folder on your server.

  3. CHMOD the text file so that its permissions are 766. If you don’t know how to do this, do a search of the forums or contact your host.

If you need any help then send me an e-mail. You can do that by pressing the e-mail button under my post. I included the FLA file also so that you can edit the colors of all the buttons and everything.


oh yeah, here is a link to what it looks like in action:

**EDIT: use this link if the first one doesn’t work:

If you do download and try this file, please post back here and let me know how it works and how you like it. Thanks :slight_smile:

Jubs C:-)

Downloaded it to check out the source, way too complex or me but it’s excellent, I really love it and If I end up using it, I’ll let ya know.

Also I never knew about the Layers folder you can use in the timeline, really keeps things neat. Amazing how easily you can overlook the simple things, just wondering if there is another purpose for this, or is just to keep complex movies neat?

I know there never seems to be enough time but I would love to see a tutorial for this in the near future as it seems like a very intresting aspect of flash that I never looked into before.

Great stuff and thanks for sharing Jubba.:beam:

Thanks. That reminds me, I probably should have commented all of the code in the FLA. I forgot too… I will do that next and will upload a new file, but that won’t be for a day or two. I hope more people check it out and use it.

downloaded 6 times… I would like some responses! :stuck_out_tongue:

great work bud…

love the Morpheus font too… lol :slight_smile:

that reminds me again… If you would like the Morpheus font that I used, it can be downloaded here:

Looks nice, thanks Jubby :cowboy: A tute would be better though :beam:

have the font already J :slight_smile:

I was assuming you already had it, because you recognized it. I was merely posting the link for others beacuse I forgot to include in with the rest of the files. :):P:)


I’d love to use and mess with this jubba, but I am PHP challenged, if it were perl then mabey. Could you include a readme file to edit the php?

just open up the PHP file using notepad or a similar text editor. that should work fine. That is what I used to make the php files…Then you should be able to edit the PHP all you want.

PHP is not all that hard to learn. I’m not very good with it, I just started learning it. THe guestbook was really the first thing that I ever did using PHP.

yea, I know about notepad I learned that in “programing 101”
but since you have no comments I have no clue what’s going on here.

oh yeah. I forgot to comment the PHP code too…dammit! lol…I’ll get around to it soon. :slight_smile:

This is tremendous work. As someone largely ignorant of php, this was amazing. One modification that is easy and useful that I did was add the generic component scrollbar to the main text area “InstanceName_0” (of course I made the scrollbar much smaller). This allows people to write a little bit more in the text area.

My problem is this: I want to have this load into another .swf movie. Do I need to put “this” before each variable in the script as well as each reference to the timeline? If so, is that really all that I need to do, or do I need to change any of the php?

Thanks in advance…


pretty good but why on earth does a window pop up when i write an entry?

Because I used LoadVars and it kept poping up. I’m working on fixing it, but I have been busy with school… :slight_smile:

really thats weird… anyways good work again!

*Originally posted by Jubba *
**Because I used LoadVars and it kept poping up. I’m working on fixing it, but I have been busy with school… :slight_smile: **


wont popup


thats my code. It still pops up.