Frozen digital

Hey. I am currently working on a version of my site frozen digital. It is still in progress and I would appreciate any comments. Thanks

the splash page was cool, nice layout for the site :), it feels empty (maybe its just me) and theres really no point of that background if ur not gonna show it clearly, i can hardly see it, even though that scripted effect for the button is nice in terms of effect but it doesn’t really fit in to the site, i also like ur preloader.

dont qoute me on any of the above, thats only wat i think, put in some extra work and will look much better than the way it is now:)

Really like it, disagree about the font it looks fine as it is. One problem - by the time the preloader had loaded it said that it was on 95% maybe its just my dial-up connection… ? Nice work :wink: