Ever seen it? Wasn’t scary at all! The Ring was muuucchhh scarier! They had these scary sounds but in Ghostship there is nothing scary! Kinda disappointed! :-
You guys seen it?

i saw one part of it… like everyone was dying to rock music with cool camera angles and stuff… that was pretty cool

Syko’s wrench rules.

I thought it looked like junk.
You can just tell when you hear a synopsis.

Syko you bully! I was JUST about to watch that film! You’ve ruined my life lol :stuck_out_tongue:

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lol sorry soul! At least I didn’t tell ya that all the ghost were g…
ignore that! At least I didn’t tell ya the secret of the film! You can still watch it! Maybe you’ll even like it!

lol aislin the wrench is just a tool I use every day lol! :stuck_out_tongue: thx!

i havent seen it, but i heared it was kind of sacry but nothing to have nightmares about. :slight_smile:

Would you watch a movie with the tagline “Sea evil?”

I wouldn’t.

I haven’t seen it, but my friend told me that Ghost Ship is pretty good movie :slight_smile:

It looks scary. thats all I can say

I just watched it :beam:

How gruesome is the first scene!?! lol!!

It was’t amazing but I enjoyed it. I guess being a media student I watch films differently to a normal viewer. I loved the rock music/killing scene, very cool :beam: Cool end too lol

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ghost ship trivia:
whats her name in the movie’s dad or grandads or uncle or something wrote the alka seltzer jingle…
just a random piece of information

oh it is great that you told me. cuz i was gonna go wand watch it.

speeking of movies did anyone watch anger manegment. i really wanna see that movie.

Go see it !*@&!! :beam:

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