Artistic genius! It gets my vote! You may have gotten that from my post in the last thread you had about this site…haha. I didn’t know you made it though. I thought you were just showing it off.

Hey, we have some great entries this week. I’d say:
1: Edwin’s site
2: that rabbit/french site
3: Kirupa’s friend’s site.

How about that?

pom :asian:

I am torn between edwins site and kirupas friends site.

I think if I HAD to choose one I would choose edwins. He is the god of design right? Okay maybe not god, but compared to my skills he is.

I love the design in edwins site. Superb i tell ya…superb! I do like the design in kirupas friends site, but edwins site is much more my style.

Well, they’re totally different. No-tec (I think that’s the name…)'s site is very clear, well-designed, structured and everything. But we’ve all seen this site 100 times (which doesn’t mean that we could do it, I’m not trying to minimize his work which I really like).
On the other hand, with Edwin’s site, you have to buy yourself a magnifying glass, struggle to find the links, look everywhere on the scene to see the little detail… Not your average designer site, and that’s why it deserves the award this week. My humble opinion.

pom :asian:

the names trevor by the way. nice to meet you all. edwin didnt make that site. wasnt it made by some guy who works for 2advanced? or friendsofED or someone from some big company.

yo whats up edwin.

this site is so dark… i just can’t figure out where to go!! but i clicked on one of the links and it looked quite nice!!
keep it up!!

Hey Trevor,
I guess that if Edwin didn’t do the site, it can’t be considered for SOTW, right? Too bad, it was a very nice site. Impossible to naviguate, but nice.

pom :slight_smile:

hey ilyaslamasse

Hehe, the navigation was the best part!!!:stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, well if edwin didn’t make it then that is right, it can not be SOTW:(

So I guess its no tecs site for SOTW in my vote:)